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  1. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    Are you sure your name isn't Ramón Salamander?
    1. michaellevenson
      Fool! You dare mock Teshcata. You must follow Quala The Feathered Serpent. Infidel.
      Apr 11, 2018
    2. ant-mac
      Yes, oh mighty lord. I humbly apologize for my thoughtless actions and words. I beseech you to forgive me for my foolishness.
      Apr 11, 2018
    3. michaellevenson
      You are forgiven. We must spread the word of The Feathered Serpent, using The Sages perhaps.
      Recently rewatched it all. Troughton is awesome.
      Apr 11, 2018
  2. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Big forum changes coming on January. Stay Tuned !
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  3. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    Stone the flamin' crows...
  4. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    So... the first test in the 2017 / 2018 Ashes Tour is about to begin. Still feeling confident, mate?
  5. ant-mac
    ant-mac chainsaw_metal1
    It sounds like you're Putin me on...
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  6. PF4Eva
    RIP Malcolm Young 1953 - 2017
  7. chainsaw_metal1
    Alcuni investitori dalla Russia
  8. ant-mac
    ant-mac chainsaw_metal1
    Ma chi possiede la scatola?
  9. chainsaw_metal1
    Alla fine del gioco, il re e il pedone tornano nella stessa casella.
  10. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    I salute your cleverness, Travis, but the next time we meet, I shall kill you. There's only room for one evil bastard around here!
  11. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    You want to get Blake? Too late, I already got him...
  12. Hunter28
    Hunter28 Mad_Monster_Party
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    2. Mad_Monster_Party
      I'll look into it and will see what I can do! Thanks for the heads up!
      Oct 12, 2017
  13. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    RIP my dear goat.
  14. High Plains Drifter
  15. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    You look vaguely familiar for some reason... Have we met?
  16. High Plains Drifter
  17. Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek
    Forum migration is finished. Minor downtime but expected. Enjoy !!
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  18. michaellevenson
    michaellevenson Doctor Omega
    The Blakes7 profile pics are growing in number. Cool!
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  19. ant-mac
    ant-mac Doctor Omega
    Dammit, what weighs seventy kilos?
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  20. ant-mac
    ant-mac michaellevenson
    I have to get rid of Blake first. You're next on my list.
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