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  1. duzit

    Review Stephen Hawking

    Thanks @The Seeker, I check in now & then...
  2. duzit

    Review Stephen Hawking

    Life is not fair...:emoji_cry:
  3. duzit

    Review Jaws: the Revenge (1987)

    @Doctor Omega, Loved the "Bunnies: Jaws". I just wish @Janine The Barefoot was here, she would get a hoot from it. Here are her DB for you! :emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers::emoji_dancers:
  4. duzit

    Review The Alienist (2018)

    I have not read the books, so I don't know what I'm missing regarding the original source material, but like @chainsaw_metal1 I do like the TNT version & will continue to watch. @Janine The Barefoot soooo good to see you & your Bunnies back...◆◆◆♡♡♡
  5. duzit

    Fun The Birth of IMDF!

    @Alex Vojacek , That is great news. Looking forward to 2.0. I don't want to go anywhere else or loose any members. I may not post as often as I did, but I do check in... This is home◇◇◇♡♡♡
  6. duzit

    Review The Flash (2014)

    They need to sit on their hands too. I've sort of lost interest in the Flash this season, can't seem to get into it...
  7. duzit

    Review The Orville (2017)

    I like this show. I waited until I watched a few episodes to make my decision. I love the spaceship itself. It's a beautiful vessel. I enjoy the silly, funny dialog that catches you off guard sometimes. It is showing good character development, which makes me form a relationship with each...
  8. duzit

    Review The Shape of Water (2017)

    @Doctor Omega This looks very intriguing to me, something I will be interested in. As I was reading thru the posts & previews, I thought the same thing about the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON movie! I saw the original @ the drive-in as a child & was scared to death. Oops, I'm really...
  9. duzit

    Fun Our Early Posts!

    @JohnnyL REACTS Hope you like your new home. We are a friendly group, always welcoming new members... FYI, This is some helpful info to get acquainted with:
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    Review The Last Movie That You Watched?

    @chainsaw_metal1 I agree with you, a very good film to invest the time to watch. Not to spoil the ending, to reward his genius that way was criminal, could not get away with that these days...◆◆◆♡♡♡
  11. duzit

    Review “1922" (2017)

    I just watched this. I had read the novella awhile ago & was curious about it being brought to film. This was very well done. Stayed true to the written word. I would give it a "thumbs up". If you are a King fan, you will not be disappointed◆◆◆♡♡♡
  12. duzit

    Fun The Birth of IMDF!

    But, are they both "legal" or on a deport list?
  13. duzit

    Fun Guess The Movie From The Quote?

    DIRTY HARRY (one of my favs) "What we do in life echoes in eternity."
  14. duzit

    Fun A, B, C's Of Film Titles

    Z ~ Zero for Conduct (1949) Perfectly describes TRUMP
  15. duzit

    Fun Song Chain

    The Americans ~ Byron MacGregor
  16. duzit

    Fun Actor Link Game

    Joe Mantegna ~ Three Amigos IMO one of the dumbest movies ever made...
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    Fun Word Association Game

  18. duzit

    Fun Whoever Posts Last Wins!

    Phases of a Solar Eclipse
  19. duzit

    Fun The Birth of IMDF!

    Who is doing the combining?