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  1. PF4Eva

    News Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd) Robert Axelrod, a guitarist-turned-actor best known as the voice of the Power Rangers' arch nemesis Lord Zedd, has died. He was 70 and had been in ill health for the past year. This is a tough one. I'm a longtime Power...
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    News Rutger Hauer dies

    Dutch actor Rutger Hauer died July 19. His funeral was Wednesday. He was best known for Blade Runner, The Hitcher, and Ladyhawke. He also has a memorable role in Batman Begins. He famously ad-libbed his "Tears in rain" monologue from Blade Runner. RIP.
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    News Ross Perot dies Ross Perot has died after a five-month battle with leukemia. He was 89. He is perhaps best known for his 1992 and 1996 Presidential campaigns. He was memorably impersonated by...
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    News Dick Dale (1937-2019) Legendary pioneering surf-rock guitarist Dick Dale has died. He famously pushed the limits of electric guitar amplification, testing out (and blowing up) everything Leo Fender built. Then Fender...
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    Review All That (2019)

    Fresh out the box Stop, look and watch Ready yet? Get set It's Alllll That! Nickelodeon's classic sketch comedy series, which turns 25 this year, will return in the summer, executive produced by Kenan as well as...
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    Review Avicii Pop-star DJ Avicii was found dead today at the age of 28. His hits included "Wake Me Up," "Hey Brother," and "Levels." He was even mentioned in Mike Posner's hit "I Took a Pill...
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    Review Harry Anderson (Night Court) Harry Anderson, star of TV's Night Court and Dave's World, was found dead in his North Carolina home. He was 65. No foul play. No cause of death. Court is adjourned. :emoji_cry:
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    Review Bozo the Clown (Frank Avruch)

    Frank Avruch, perhaps the most famous Bozo to wear those floppy boots, has died at age 89. Bozo is perhaps best known nowadays for the "Cram it, clown!" urban legend. Legend goes that some kid cursed on he show and Bozo told him/her, "That's a Bozo no-no!" At some point, the kid told Bozo to...
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    Fun Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking just died tonight at the age of 76. Although given two years to live after being diagnosed with ALS at age 21, Professor Hawking defied the odds and became one of the world's greatest minds. A huge fan of Pink...
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    Review Jerry Van Dyke

    Jerry Van Dyke dies at 86‘coach’-dead-at-86/ar-BBHWB7V?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp He was never as successful as his brother, but Jerry did find success with a co-starring role on Craig T. Nelson's Coach. He had been in poor health in...
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    News Malcom Young

    Malcom Young dies at 64 Legendary AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young has died after a three-year battle with early-onset dementia, which forced him out of the band he and Angus brought to...
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    Review Erin Moran Wow. Shocking. And so young, too. Her brother, Tony Moran, appeared as unmasked Michael Myers in the original Halloween.
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    Review Chuck Berry My earliest exposure to Chuck Berry was the use of "Run, Rudolph, Run" in Home Alone. I seem to recall "No Particular Place to Go" being used...
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    Review Robert Osborne (Turner Classic Movies host) Former actor-turned-film historian and face of Turner Classic Movies, Robert Osborne, has died at the age of 84. He started out as an actor for Desilu until Lucy told him he might not enjoy acting. He...
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    Fun Technology

    I posted this on IMDb years ago on the Blu-ray Hugh Def Equipment board. I no longer have to worry about this issue, but it's a nice walk down Memory Lane.
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    Fun Any Directors?

    I'm looking for IMDb threads/posts to archive, and here's the earliest non-spam thread from Shop Talk Directors, originally posted by rain62537, who's been an IMDb member eight months longer than me. No replies. Sounds like a neat deal. Kind of like a Simply Scripts for filmmakers. No mention...
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    Review Toonami

    Carrying over from the dearly departing IMDb boards, here is the Official Toonami Thread, originally created by yours truly Wed. May 16, 2012 at 17:35:59 with this message: The initial lineup for the revival went something like this: 12:00 Bleach (HD) 12:30 Deadman Wonderland (HD) 1:00...