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  1. Hunter28

    Review Oprah

    Oprah:Do you see the hypocrisy or Are you blind? The liberals complained that Trump was just a celebrity billionaire who had no right to be in the white house. But will they feel the same about celebrity billionaire Oprah. You know they won't. Hypocrites. And Obama blasted Trump as “uniquely...
  2. Hunter28

    Review Carla Gugino

    She has it all. Good actress. Pretty and a great body.
  3. Hunter28

    Fun City or Country?

    Do you prefer the convenience of living in the city (stores, restaurants and bars nearby) or the peacefulness of living in the country (quietness, strolling in the woods and fire in your fire pit). I will take the peacefulness of country living. If I have to drive some distance to go places so...
  4. Hunter28

    Fun Gas or Charcoal grill?

    On another web site people were debating which they liked better. A Gas or Charcoal. Good arguments on both sides. I perfer charcoal and my wife likes gas. So the next grill I get will be like one one I pictured below. That way we have the best of both worlds when it comes to grilling. People...
  5. Hunter28

    Fun Camping & Hiking

    Come on. There must be some here that like camping. During the day do some hiking, fishing, exploring and bike riding.Then my favorite part. Sitting around campfire cooking hot dogs and marshmallows. And of course some ice cold beers! It can be just the two of us like in the first pic or a bunch...
  6. Hunter28

    Fun Pizzas!

    This is what a pizza should look like!
  7. Hunter28

    Controversial Gun Crime

    The link below happened over 14 hours ago and not one post here about it. I guess that is what I miss about IMDb. Posters would have been discussing it all day.
  8. Hunter28

    Fun Your Favorite Restaurant!

    Your favorite restaurant Whats yours and why? We eat out a lot so it is tough to pick a favorite but if I did I guess I would pick a place called Texas Roadhouse. My wife almost always gets this: I do sometimes but if I am not in the mood for steak I get these and a couple ice cold beers...
  9. Hunter28

    Fun Reheated Food!

    Food that taste better when........ Reheated. Do you have any food you like better when heated over? I like chili better when reheated
  10. Hunter28

    Fun I guess this saying is true.

    A man's home is his castle. I ride a mountain bike all over the place for the last two years. All these homes with great yards, porches, patios and decks. Some even with swimming pools. No matter what day it is or how nice the weather is I never see anyone outside their houses. About the only...
  11. Hunter28

    Review Madonna: Miles Away

    Really like watching her sing this. Watch close and you can see she loves performing.
  12. Hunter28

    Review Juliette Lewis

    By just her legs?
  13. Hunter28

    Fun Burgers!

    How do you like your hamburgers? Like this: Or more like this?
  14. Hunter28

    Fun Guys if you could spend the night

    with one of these which would it be? Vera Farmiga Carla Gugino Scarlett Johansson Or Kate Winslet
  15. Hunter28

    Fun Your Dream Vacation?

    A vacation like this: Or a vacation like this:
  16. Hunter28

    Review Don Rickles

    I remember watching him on Johnny Carson and laughing at his jokes. May he RIP.
  17. Hunter28

    Fun Hot Dogs!

    Of these 5 hot dogs Which one would you most want to try?
  18. Hunter28

    Review Alyssa Milano

    Still looking great! Not sure if you can click on it. If not copy & paste.