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    Review The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

    Karate Kid 3 is a lot like religion Remember when, in Karate Kid 3, Mister Miyagi refused to help Daniel (until he was in dire straights)? He never gave an explanation as to why "for tournament, cannot". God is a lot like Mister Miyagi in the film. Sometimes, he won't help you, with no...
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    Fun Soda Pop

    I like Mr.Pibb. Cola with Cherry is tough to beat, but Cherry Coke/Pepsi/Dr.Pepper have nothing on Pibb.
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    Fun American Baseball

    I never cared for Dirk Nowitzki, even though I'm a Texan. Semi-OT, perhaps, but I didn't want to take this chilling secret to my grave.
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    Controversial Rant Space

    Yes, indeed you haven't.
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    Controversial Rant Space

    Today's rant: All the talk on Twitter (post after post) about immigrant children being separated from their parents. Do we really have to dwell on it? Yes, it's tragic, and it shouldn't be happening. A lot of things are tragic, and shouldn't be happening. We don't have to ignore it, but can we...
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    They're going to call it "racism"

    Mark my word, discrimination against transgenders will be called Racism in the near future. Yes indeed, if you ridicule or harass trannies, you will be accused of racism. I'm pretty sure transists (I guess I'm inventing a new variation of feminists) will label it as such. What else are they...
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    Review Night Gallery (1969)

    I just started watching the second season on Yahoo! Entertainment, and I like it better than T-zone. Not all the episodes are great, but it seems they're more diverse than the Twilight Zone.
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    The belief that God has "perfect timing"

    Have you ever heard the expression that God is "never early and never late, he is always on time"? Isn't that open to interpretation? It's up for debate. After all, who's to say that his perfect timing is the perfect timing. If his timing were so perfect, would suicide really exist? It...
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    Fun American Baseball

    Something tells me it would have been the White Sox (with a peaking Frank Thomas) defeating the Red Sox (with a peaking Mo Vaughn).
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    Fun Bo Jackson

    Was Bo Jackson overrated? It seems to me that the main reason he's considered one of the top 50 athletes of all time is for trivial matters. He would hit 20-something homeruns, and there was one season when he hit 32, always with a so-so batting average. Football-wise, it was more of the same...
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    Controversial What constitutes "selling out"?

    I guess what I meant by metal not being "mainstream" in the 80's was that back then, metal wasn't getting Grammy awards. But I do agree, many bands changed much more drastically, without dealing with the "sell-out" tag.
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    Fun Burgers!

    I prefer it with everything, medium-rare or better. When it comes to steak, definitely medium-well. I hate when they give you medium-rare, when you clearly ordered medium-well.
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    Fun Reheated Food!

    Doing so seems to bring out the flavor with certain foods. Any type of burger, for example, tastes much better when re-heated.
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    Fun Spices

    Spices you eat daily? I eat Oregano, Paprika, and Chili Powder daily. If you have year-round allergies, you probably know black pepper is mildly effective. However, the aforementioned spices are quite good, perhaps much better.
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    Review Corrine Olympios: Victim or Attention Seeker?

    I think it kind of depends on the reality show. For example, I always thought The Real World was real, and still do. I remember Rachel from the San Francisco edition saying, "it's as real as TV can be." However, the tension between Puck and Pedro was 100% real. Everything said was legit, as was...
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    Fun Have The Last Two Decades Lacked Character?

    It's all Chris Jericho's fault. When he came into the WWE in 1999, he wasn't kidding about changing the WWE, he also changed the decades that followed. He made sure that his personality would make the new century "shut the hell up", and that the pre-Y2K decades would be material that we'd...
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    Fun IMDB: The Site We Left Behind....

    I was supposed to say "dimensionally transcendental". You should've corrected me on that. :emoji_bow:
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    Fun IMDB: The Site We Left Behind....

    Yes, but I also remember that Doctor Omega's "Tardigrades" thread is his best post. Even though they're spiritually transcendental.
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    Fun The Best Music Thread in the Universe!

    The entire Human Clay album is my cup of tea. I think "faceless man" is the only song I wouldn't call above-par. "Beautiful" is my favorite Creed song, and the next two (Say I and Wrong Way) have some top-notch edge. I've always dug the first 4 songs on My Own Prison. "Torn" is an all-purpose...
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    Fun Strange things on the side of the road?

    I'm sorry for your loss, just the same. I think what I was trying to refer to was "electro-magnetic energy", it was just evading me. All those lights would create quite a bit, and I think I'd rather believe in that than...the other thing.