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  1. Cloister56

    Review Doctor Who Monsters

    I hope they release this in digital form as well. I guess I could buy it and rip like the dvds but it just then adds to the clutter
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    So this week it's Gemini which I cannot say without following it up by "I like to slurp it, bite it, slurp it, bite it" Cedric is having a birthday party and after the failure of a projector his mother plans to employ a magician. Turns out that magician is The Rt Hon The Lord Hacker of...
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    Review CATWEAZLE: DUCK HALT - Episode 15

    The hunt for astrological signs continues. I wonder about the veracity of this treasure hunt, there are 2 outcomes, one is that Catweazle is just collecting random objects with the correct signs on and it will lead nowhere, the second is that these are the correct icons and the treasure hunt...
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    Review This Thursday - The Omega Factor-ep2 -Visitations

    One of the things I really like about tv from the 70's is the locations always feel real. I think it might have to do with the lighting, the 80's overlit most things, the 90's feels like everything was filmed cheaply and more modern things have this cinematic sheen. The opening scenes do a good...
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    Review This Thursday - The Omega Factor ep1 The Undiscovered Country

    As far as I remember the novelisation seems to suggest Drexel influenced her and she locked herself in and cut her wrists. The book or the audiobook (read by Louise Jameson) are well worth the time. Unless it happens later it also features a phone call to Oliphant than I don't think occurs in...
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    Review This Thursday - The Omega Factor ep1 The Undiscovered Country

    Watching it back knowing that Julia is involved with Section 7 is interesting. The opening scene where Tom awakes from Michaels projections, first time through Julia comes off as a concerned wife. This time I noticed she is awake and watching Tom before she reassures him. Does she know now that...
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    Review This Thursday - The Omega Factor ep1 The Undiscovered Country

    This is one of my favourite episodes of any television show. I've watched it many times and listened to the novelisation a bunch as well. Tom Crane is a very likeable protagonist. He's charming, inquisitive and very resourceful but can be a bit cocky and quite head strong. The slow building of...
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    Information Welcome to Paradox (1998)

    Cheers for this Brimfin and Michaellevenson. One of the things that stands out to me is how low Kolchak ended up being. I remember enjoying that show for the most part but I guess our scores began to drop on average near the end as the episodes got a bit samey. No really awful shows in there...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 13 "Acute Triangle"

    The concept of androids and humans interactions with them must be one of the most used sci fi concepts. I recently played a game called Detroit Become Human which features androids heavily. It does a survey at the beginning asking if you would sleep with an android, would you let one look after...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 12 "Options"

    This episode had an interesting premise, what if you could change your body quickly easily and without problems. Would concepts such as gender, beauty and ethnicity have any of the meanings they have today? There was so much this could have explored what happens to your awareness of "self" when...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 13 "Acute Triangle"

    To you both it has been a great pleasure over the past few shows to read your reviews and comments. In terms of Paradox I am just finishing the last few episodes so I can fully contribute to the last "By the Numbers" Good luck with the clean up Brimfin. Reading your post has made me look around...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 11 "Into the Shop"

    Oh wow it's Bobby. On a related side note I finally finished Twin Peaks Season 2 on my third attempt. I think shows like Welcome to Paradox and Black Mirror work best when they introduce a new technology, establish it's benefits and then follow it to often unexpected and terrible outcomes...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 10 "All Our Sins Forgotten"

    Well that took longer than I expected, problems with Plex but seem to have been sorted now. So some glowing reviews, but did I like it as much? Yes, Yes I did. Memory and manipulation of it is a frequently tackled topic in sci-fi. Memory erasure features in movies such as Eternal Sunshine of...
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    Review This Friday.... CATWEAZLE: THE MAGIC RIDDLE - Episode 14

    I was wondering when the episode started, if this was going back to show how Catweazle ended up on the run from the Normans. Turns out we are with post time travel Catweazle, he's got himself locked up and an aspiring Midas has him trying to create the Philosopher's Stone. We get the meddling...
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    Mr Bennett has a foot injury this week. I like his pajamas and the fact he has a little folder handkerchief in the top pocket. He gets a visit from the new Doctor who turns out to be an attractive young woman, he seems quite happy with this turn of events. I really like his reaction to Carrot's...
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    So the long holiday is over at Carrot is back at school. I wondered when this change might occur, it does allow for new characters and new scenarios to enter the show. Arthur is a decent antagonist. He does seem to have a big chip on his shoulder saying Carrot and his family are "high and...
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    Review Welcome to Paradox (1998) - episode 10 "All Our Sins Forgotten"

    Sorry fallen behind again. I'm off today so catching up on this and Catweazle. Had some trouble playing the file via Plex and then somehow managed to delete the entire folder. Should have it back up soon, I'll get to Catweazle and circle back to this later.
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    Review Babylon 5 (1994)

    There is a great space combat game called Freespace. It and it's sequel tell a story which always made me think of Babylon 5. There is a war between the Terrans and the Versudans but a third race appears called the Shivans. They are kept very mysterious with you learning bit by bit about them...
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    Review Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    I love the concept of the Terminator a lot but I am a sucker for time travel movies and I love horror movies especially Slashers so the first Terminator is sort of a hybrid (a cyborg if you will) of those genres. I'm not interested in seeing the war against the machines so for me Salvation was...
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    Review Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    Every time I read Billy Ray is writing the script all I see is this guy.