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  1. Doctor Omega

    Spoilers Westworld (2016)

    Another Season 3 Trailer:
  2. Doctor Omega

    Review The PLANET OF THE APES Franchise

    The next film's not a reboot.......
  3. Doctor Omega

    Fun IMDB: The Site We Left Behind....

    They sent me a message recently saying that they were going to automatically delete my membership unless I used it soon, as they were having a clearout of useless members. (Not that they worded it that undiplomatic way.) I let it elapse.
  4. Doctor Omega

    Review The Saint

    Yep, no doubt. And bound to be Simone Templar, of course. It's important that they also honour tradition and replace him with an actress that can't actually act, of course.
  5. Doctor Omega

    Return Of The Saint -ep 15 The Debt Collectors

    Movie reboot on it's way.......
  6. Doctor Omega

    Review The Saint

    Movie reboot on it's way.......
  7. Doctor Omega

    Spoilers BOND 25: No Time to Die (2020)

    Nothing will ever top this one of course...... :emoji_laughing:
  8. Doctor Omega

    Spoilers BOND 25: No Time to Die (2020)

    Must admit, I was forgetting the tune even as I was listening to it. :emoji_poop:
  9. Doctor Omega

    Review Bosch (2014)

    Seventh and final season in the works.....
  10. Doctor Omega

    Spoilers BOND 25: No Time to Die (2020)

    The full theme song......
  11. Doctor Omega

    Review The Daleks' Master Plan (1965)

    I'm pretty sure they will animate it one day. I never thought they would novelise every Classic TV story, but they have finally got there.... in the end! :emoji_robot:
  12. Doctor Omega

    Review The Daleks' Master Plan (1965)

    Episode 2 has been fully colourised....... Sneak peek.......
  13. Doctor Omega

    Spoilers Series 12

    Currently Series 12 is at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. :emoji_poop: The Chibnall/Sh... Whitttaker Era goes from strength to strength! :emoji_fearful::emoji_head_bandage:
  14. Doctor Omega

    Review Paul Darrow

    Was looking for a clip of Peter (Deadly Assassin Master) Pratt (who can be seen at 6:35 and 19:47), when who should pop up at 17:20 but none other than Mister Darrow! Murder Must Advertise (1973): Lord Peter Wimsey Murder Must...
  15. Doctor Omega

    Controversial Poor Old Jar Jar: Is All the Hatred Warranted?

    He's coming back?!?!?....... .
  16. Doctor Omega

    Review Spyfall (2020)

    I gave both episodes a 1. Have completely lost faith in New Who really and no longer include it in my head-canon. Agree that is brilliant, but think that falls to the very visual actor doing his intense bits of business rather than the scripts. Shame he is wasted in this current version of...
  17. Doctor Omega

    News Australian bushfires

    That's terrible news. :emoji_disappointed:
  18. Doctor Omega

    News DOCTOR WHO: Season 12 - Episode 1: SPYFALL (2020)

    Totally agree. I wish they had just kicked off in 2005 as a total reboot, with Eccleston as a brand new first Doctor, then they could have happily gender-changed all they like and it wouldn't have affected the Classic Show. But the sneaky retconning they are doing now is ridiculous. Agree...