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  1. TheSowIsMine

    Fun What are you listening #3

    You know what to do... The old thread is here what are you listening to #2
  2. TheSowIsMine

    Fun Winter Olympics

    Anyone watching the olympics? I almost had heart failure watching the women 1500m speed-skating.
  3. TheSowIsMine

    Review What Comic Are You Reading?

    So, what comic are you reading or are about to read? I just bought the first Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins comic. Critical Role is a bunch of voice actors playing dungeons and dragons on web channel Geek and Sundry. And now they have a comic.
  4. TheSowIsMine

    Fun What are you listening to? #2

    This is a continuation of this thread. what are you listening to
  5. TheSowIsMine

    Fun Actor Link Game

    Lets play a game I will name an actor and the next poster must name another actor linked onto the actor through a movie. Example: I say: Jodie Foster you say: Robert DeNiro (taxi driver) and the next says: Al Pacino (the godfather 2) so on and on. So name the actor and the movie they share...
  6. TheSowIsMine

    Review All Things DARIO ARGENTO!

    So, any of you like his films? I enjoy them very much, I think my favourite is Phenomena.
  7. TheSowIsMine

    Review Twin Peaks: The Return Season 3

    So, since this now has a franchise board, I thought I make a thread where we can talk about season three. Or its just me talking to myself about season 3 :)
  8. TheSowIsMine

    Review 13 Reasons Why (2017)

  9. TheSowIsMine

    Review Senior Trip (1995)

  10. Hux

    Fun Football (Soccer)

    All things football here, Premiere League, Eredivisie, Champions League and other things. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  11. TheSowIsMine

    Fun What are you listening to?

    I know its a cliche thread, but its always nice to know what music people are listening to. Right now Im listening to Donovan - Season of the Witch
  12. TheSowIsMine

    Fun Formula 1

    Any F1 fans here? Im excited for the new season.