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  1. McQualude

    Fun Evolution is not a theory.

    . Evolution is an observed natural phenomena like the aurora borealis, the color yellow, tornadoes, or sun dogs. The Theory of Evolution is an attempt to explain the mechanisms behind the natural phenomena. But you often hear, "Evolution is just theory," and that is false. Evolution is as much...
  2. McQualude

    Review Travelers, 2016 [Netflix & Showcase]

    Yet another time travel show in the vein of Continuum & 12 Monkeys, where people (travelers) are sent back in time to prevent apocalyptic events that make future Earth nearly uninhabitable. The twist with Travelers is an advanced AI (is there any other kind) called, The Director, sends the...
  3. McQualude

    Fun What is a performance you will never forget?

    For me there are 2, for different reasons. 1. In the 80's I got to see Don McLean perform live. American Pie is one of my all time favorite songs. It was on a clifftop near Anchorage, AK of all places. It was windy, chilly and magical. 2. Seeing Tom Petty in concert the first time. I always...
  4. McQualude

    Review Space Patrol (UK), Planet Patrol (US) (1963)

    Space Patrol (known as Planet Patrol in the US), was a wonderful kids program created by Roberta Leigh, a protege of Gerry Anderson, from the early sixties that used marionettes. What really strikes me about this all but forgotten program is how influential it seems to have been on Star Trek...