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    Controversial Greta Thunberg's dream world
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    Review The Tomb Raider Franchise

    Happy 5th anniversary! For this amazing reboot
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    Controversial What the hell is wrong with kids nowdays!?

    What the hell is wrong with kids nowdays!?
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    Fun December 1: Happy Birthday Romania!

    Happy Birthday,Romania.A small country with big history.A true patriot salutes you!
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    Information My Close Call!

    Hi,raiders...i didn't know where to put this thread,but anyway...i was crossing the street in the right way,i mean on the crosswalk and the next thing i know at the half way through a car nearly hit you have irresponsable drivers where you live?
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    Review All Things SVEN HASSEL!

    Hi,raiders...have you read his books?it was one of my favorite authors when i was a kid.
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    Controversial Extremism

    On other forums sites i saw many memebers that showd so much hate against muslim people,some of them talking even a "holocaust"of muslim in recent events and terrorist attacks in London.What are you thought about this? Should blame the all muslim people,for a few fanatics?
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    Fun Game Soundtracks

    Does anyone of you like the game soundtracks,if it does what is your favorite? For me are the soundtracks from tomb raider games and resident evil 6 and revelations 2.
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    Review Milla Jovovich

    I'm a fan of mill since 2010,after resident evil afterlife was released.What do you think about her?