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Dafak did I just watch??????????? I feel a weird taste in my mouth, I feel nauseaous (No its not the chemo) holy sh*t I want to vomit!!!!! I left Earth while watching this so I'll be back with my review. I feel I can write a million words about it but I need to just get this out of my chest because I think I may have shaken my head the entire time, I looked constipated while watching I almost bailed out but you know when a movie looks so weird it makes my stomach churn and turn upside down, the more it becomes higher on my books.


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Ha. This is actually on my list of things to watch, as I'm going through a bunch of Sono films. In fact, I just watched Suicide Club last night.


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Alright I’m back to Earth.

Okay it’s a given that Sion Sono is an alien. He’s crazy. Strange. There are no rules, boundaries, with him. That’s why we love him.

This movie didn’t just break the 4th wall. This movie broke my stomach linings. I want to puke, vomit, throw up. Gross. I’m not just into this stuff. I know we were about to see porn-ish here but man I’m not just into woman-to-woman action. There’s just a bad taste in my mouth after watching this. So my bias here would be evident. But I’ll try to be ahem, objective.

What I love about Sion Sono is he doesn’t just overwhelm you, he will really outdo your expectations. Its time to build a shrine for him. Women and feminists, let’s hold hands. Brace yourselves before watching this because you might want to hold on to a Rosary.

Ami Tomite, the lead, as Kyoko, was well utilized here. Her insane monologue at the beginning of the film, with a classical piece as background, showcased her versatility (and her boobs). A lonely artist who ambitions to be a whore. ????. Question marks everywhere but you need to get past that. She vomits a lot here too.

She lives a light in the limelight. Her secretary, Noriko, knocks on the door, reciting her schedule for the day. Kyoko transforms into a sadist master who exploits her slave. She’s about to have an interview. The crew enters the scene. Noriko goes full nude. Kyoko remains insane. I just can’t at this point, I thought of bailing out.

But I’m glad I didn’t. Let’s get past the nudity (but I still can’t with my virgin eyes!!!!!!). Kyoko is a sad young woman. Her family and past has forced her to enter this industry. There’s a notable family dinner scene that will just send you laughing, facepalming, or cursing Sono for his genius.

The movie puts a lot of colors, both literal and figurative. It looks like its set on just one setting, with just walls separating the different acts but there’s really a lot of questions and deep themes presented here. Exploitation can very well define this movie. Both the innate theme and on its surface, well, I would say in a way the actresses here were made to do whatever they did. I believe there are a lot of symbolism here but you can put it which way you deem fit.

The movie has a short runtime but the impact it leaves will linger for long.


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Here's my naked body. Make it porn

I've mastered how to watch Sono by likening it to seeing someone do a card trick at a cocktail party. "Like, okay, there was that". Then when you watch his movie you can think: "That was a pretty good card trick" hugburst.gif


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^Cool emoticon!

By the way, IMDb takes very long to approve my review when before, it takes just a few minutes and my review is posted right away! Hahahaha! I'd like to believe that its because their editors are having a Fourth of July holiday and its not because my review was very eloquent, serious-sounding without the exclamation point overload and screaming from a teen, and very scholarly 'ya know...........................


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Exploitation can very well define this movie.
I'm pretty sure "exploitation" was high on the checklist of requirements when Sono got the brief!
If you wanted to check out more of the Roman Porno Reboot series, I'd recommend Wet Woman In The Wind. Seriously.