Fun Any Actors?

Doctor Omega

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So you act - or have acted.... in films, tv or on the stage, whether as an extra or something more substantial....

Share your triumphs and disasters here.

Doctor Omega

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I did some theatre work in the eighties, in FORTY YEARS ON alongside the old guy who played the Squire in episode 1 of BBC's "The Tripods", Applied to be an extra in YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES, but aside from one letter, never got any further with that one.

Some college films thereafter.

Nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Oh, and I missed the chance of being an extra in MEMPHIS BELLE, then found out that just about everybody I knew locally had been in it, which rubbed salt in the wound.

Two other films I have missed the chance of being a local extra in since then are ATONEMENT and PETERLOO.

A film I wasn't in.....

Another film I wasn't in.....

The third film I wasn't in.......

The final film I failed to be an extra in.....

Have long since given up any dreams of conquering Hollywood, but wouldn't rule out the chance of being an extra one day. So long as I have my kindle to read. :emoji_alien: