Fun Any Musicians?



Are there any members on here that are musical? Do you play any instruments? Make music? Or do you just simply sing like I do?


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I started with piano lessons at age 8 or 9, moved on to guitar and bass, played drums in high school band and bass and drums in jazz band, bass in college band, and have been in several bands. I haven't actively written any music in a long while, but I have a back catalog of songs that I would love to get recorded, just for posterity. One of my former band mates has a studio, and when I have the time, I'm going to get together with him to get it all down.


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The only musical instrument I ever played was the clarinet in middle school. After that, nothing... Would've continued playing in high school, but the damned thing was messing up my teeth (don't ask)(yes, I was playing it correctly). So I quit.


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I love rock music, so I started to learn drums and keyboard. But then I got ill and until now didn't found the energy to re-start.

Doctor Omega

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I actually tried playing the accordian for a while. Managed to learn a bit of "White Christmas" on it.

Other than that - nothing. :emoji_disappointed: