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    Bride of the Monster is a 1955 American science fiction horror film directed, written, and produced by Edward D. Wood, Jr., and starring Bela Lugosi, along with Tor Johnson, Tony McCoy, and Loretta King.

    The film is considered to have Wood's biggest budget ($70,000). Production commenced in 1953 but, due to further financial problems, wasn't completed until 1955.

    A sequel, entitled Night of the Ghouls, was finished in 1959, but due to last-minute financial problems, was not released until 1987.

    This was Bela Lugosi's last speaking role in a feature film. Lugosi subsequently played a silent part in The Black Sleep (1956). Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) uses silent archive footage of Lugosi, but he died prior to the creation of its script. The footage was from an unfinished film called The Vampire's Tomb.

    This film is part of what Wood aficionados refer to as "The Kelton Trilogy", a trio of films featuring Paul Marco as "Officer Kelton", a whining, reluctant policeman. The other two films are Plan 9 from Outer Space and Night of the Ghouls. Kelton is the only character to appear in all three films.

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    I have seen this one a long time ago and I don't remember much about it. Its apparently not as memorable as Plan 9 and Glenn or Glenda.
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