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From ordinary packs to intergalactic horror and steampunk sci-fi madness, with a bit of Warhammer thrown in....

What are your favourite card games?

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Canasta, or Double Canasta. I haven't played in years, but in the day, I was a killer partner.:emoji_japanese_goblin:

Definition of canasta. 1 : a form of rummy using two full decks in which players or partnerships try to meld groups of three or more cards of the same rank and score bonuses for 7-card melds. 2 : a meld of seven cards of the same rank in canasta.

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I am obsessed with cribbage. My dad talked me into downloading an app on my phone which I play constantly, and it vexes me because it continually cheats (computer player always gets the exact cards it needs, that sort of thing). I stayed away from ever learning how to play for years, and several years ago we had gone to visit my mother-in-law's side of the family for Thanksgiving, and we sat until 3 in the morning playing, drinking beer, and eating numerous ham and turkey sandwiches.

Growing up, my mom and I used to play Rummy quite a bit. I haven't played in years, but would love to find some folks who wouldn't mind sitting and playing cards.


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Any fans?

I've just finished watching John Hesp get knocked out of the WSOP main event, finishing fourth and winning $2.6 million. An amateur from my neck of the woods. Final is tomorrow.

I regularly play at my local casino and watch quite a lot of videos.

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So I went to the local casino to play the poker tournament.

Got nothing all night, haemorrhaging chips before finally I get a pair of Queens and go all-in. Guy's got Aces (of course he does).

Flop is a bunch of meaningless numbers then bang, the turn is a Queen and I think I've got it.

River is a Ace.

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Poker is a game that I spend most of the night re-learning the rules for the umteenth time while playing, and then the next morning, I have completely forgotten how to play it yet again!

I am not bad at ONE FOR JACK though!


And, ermmm, SNAP! :emoji_confused:


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Casino is a game I was introduced to as a kid, a game popular among the Jewish community. It's a great game, quick, fun, and I recently introduced it to my nephews and now they regularly wipe the floor with me when we play.
It takes a bit of explaining so here goes.
Ideally for two players only; the dealer gives two cards to the opponent face down, then two to himself face down, then two face up in the middle, and then repeat. So four each and four face up as discards.
Each turn a player must play a card, if no trick can be made you just add one to the face up discards. Tricks are made by matching or building. Each time you do this you must announce what you're doing, this will become clear later.
So; if there's a 4 on the table, and you have a 4 (suit is irrelevant) you say " four" and you take the 4 with your 4 and place them next to you as your earned cards. Next player goes, the dealer, and he can do likewise. All 13 ranks including pictures can be taken in this simple way.
Now building; if there's a 3and a 6 on the table and you have a 9 you can take all three. You place the 3 on top of the 6 or vice versa, say" nine" and take them with your 9. Now if there's a 3 and 6 and you have two 9's in your hand you can take all four but only over two turns. Turn 1, move 3 + 6 together say " nine" put one of your 9's from your hand on top , and wait your next turn.
Your next turn, take with other 9 . BUT if the opponent has a 9 too , thanks pal! he can take the 3+6+ your 9 with his 9. Tough luck. Or if you , going back to previous example, added the 3+6 and had an ace and 10 in your hand, you say "ten" and place the ace on top , ready for your next move to take them with your 10, if the other guy has a 10 too, tough luck again, he'll have them.
Double building; if there's a 2+4 on the table, and you have a 1(ace) and a 7 , you can place 2+4 together place your ace on top saying " seven", but if your opponent has 9 in his hand , and there's another 2 on the table, he can place that two on top of your 2+4+1, say" nine" and play his 9 and capture all five cards.. Very tough luck for you!
Matching ranks can be built upon, without increasing the aggregate i.e. a 3 on the table, and you have two 3's, place one on top of the the one on the table, say "three" , that's why you need to say what you're doing, you're matching 3's , not adding to make 6.
Next turn you take with your other three, as they are two of target total i.e. two threes, no building can be done adding to the total. In other words the target is " three" , there's two of them on top of each other, the other player can't add a 4 and say " seven", because 3+3+4 doesn't equal 7!. Of course if he has the other 3 then he can take them.
Picture cards obviously are not used in building, just removed in matching pairs.
After the initial hand , four goes per person, the dealer deals another four face down cards to each player , two at a time, the single game is over when all card dealt,whoever takes the last trick in the last hand, takes all the remaining discards to add to their pile.
Now the points; certain ranks , and cards have special value, so during the whole game you're trying to capture these if possible.
There are 11 points per game to play for;
Whoever has most cards 3pts
Whoever had most spades 1 pt
Each Ace is worth 1pt
2 of Spades is known as little casino and is worth 1pt
10 of diamonds is Big Casino and is worth 2pts.
So after first game the score might be 7 to 4. Usually the first to 21 win.
Money is often gambled big time. Ten pounds or dollars per point, so 7to 4 score means one player is up 30 pounds after one game. My dad and great uncle used to play this , incredibly quickly, five minutes for one game, 15 minutes to reach 21 points, one of them always stormed out of the room " hell! Just lost 100 quid stupid bloody game!"
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Building, Aces are valuable, one point each, so if one is on the table and you've one in your hand, take it quickly. But if you have two aces in your hand, then if you know for sure the fourth is already gone, then you can take all three. Put one from your hand on top of the one on the table and say " aces" . You're guaranteed to take all three next turn because no building can be done on two aces announced as "aces" as they're two of them. The opposition cannot add 4 and say " six" and use a 6 from his hand even though 1+1+4=6. This goes for all ranks. Once two of the same is put together and you're matching not adding, no more building. Of course if there's an ace on the table and you have a two and an ace in your hand, you could put the aces together on one turn and say" two" and hope to take it next time with your two. That would be dumb. Two aces making two are open for building. Your opponent could place a 3 from the table on top and say" five" and take them with a 5 from his hand.
Last Hand, whoever takes the last trick takes all discards left.
So suppose you have a Jack, and there's one on the table, leave to last if possible. But if the dealer ,who always goes second, ( the dealership changes after each 11point game) throws down a Queen then you know he has another one, as pictures can only be paired off. In that case you may as well take your Jack and add two cards to your pile as the dealer will probably use his other queen last and take all the cards.
End Game, the first to 21 wins whenever that occurs.
Suppose the score is 18 -18 , last game starts, after the very first deal there maybe a 2 of spades on the table along with an 8 , and you have the 10 of diamonds in your hand, 2+8 = 10 ,you've got 1pt for the two of spades, 2pts for the 10 that's 18+3 = 21 game over.
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Further clarifications,
Common errors, pictures can only be paired off. If you have a Jack on the table and two jacks in your hand, you can not put one on top the one on the table and say " jacks", hoping to use the third one.
You also cannot take a 3 and 7 on the table put them together and play a 4 from.your hand and take all three. The higher number must come from your hand. The highest an aggregate of cards can be is 10, pictures do not count as 11,12,13 etc., aces are 1.
Hope you've enjoyed this casino tutorial.