Catweazle s01e09- The Demi Devil ( SYNOPSIS)


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Colonel Upshaw, ex military man, veteran of many years in Africa is in the woods, he aims his shotgun skywards and fires, a loud boom, stirring up the birds making them scatter but why ? Catweazle spies this and is puzzled too.
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Meanwhile Carrot is in Castle Saburac Catweazle's water tank home, waiting for Catweazle wanting a few stern words with him. Catweazle has been stealing chickens from the farm and Carrot berates him.
Carrot storms out leaving Catweazle seeking vengeance, so he casts a spell ,hoping Carrot will be turned into a beast.
Colonel Upshaw meanwhile is distraught his pet Capuchin monkey Boy is missing, escaped from his pen and is loose in the woods. This explains his shooting into the air, to stir the monkey ,in the hope it'll break cover.
Upshaw has invited George Bennett and Carrot to his manor house that evening to meet explorer Nathaniel Wheeler, an African explorer and big game hunter, someone Upshaw has never met but is anxious to get acquainted with.
Carrot is a big fan of Wheeler and has all his published book on Africa. Now perchance Upshaw's missing monkey " Boy " has climbed into Catweazle's home and our 11th century hero obviously thinks it's Carrot who he has successfully changed into a monkey with magic. Catweazle perplexed he canmot reverse the spell, remembers Upshaw and his magic stick that produced thunder, the shotgun, and believes he can help in restoring Carrot to human.
Catweazle arrives at Upshaw's residence with Boy in a cardboard box, Upshaw delighted and places Boy back in cage.

This infuriates Catweazle, but Upshaw calms him, and assures him that Boy is OK. Upshaw mistakenly thinks Catweazle is Wheeler, gone a bit funny in the head after years in the blazing African sun. Catweazle and Upshaw share a bottle of wine, this completely knocks Catweazle out, dead drunk.
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George and Carrot arrive for dinner, meanwhile Catweazle awakes in the back room and mischievously opens cage door to let monkey out, thinking he is freeing Carrot, then he departs. Catweazle and Carrot briefly meet alone and Catweazle happy that Carrot is restored much to Carrot's bemusement. Upshaw gets a phone call from Wheeler saying he can't come, the great explorer is lost in Guildford. Upshaw runs to back room to find out exactly who Catweazle is, and is anguished to see cage empty and Boy gone. But Sam has arrived, he's invited too and he's carrying Boy, found him outside sitting on gatepost.
Back at Castle Saburac next day, Catweazle promises not to steal chickens anymore and apologises to Carrot for the spell he put on him. Carrot realises the mistake made, and accepts apology, urging Catweazle to not get engaged in any more monkey business!

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