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    You may know of BBC 's Radio 4 Desert Island Discs show where celebs imagine they're on a desert island and have to nominate eight pieces of music to accompany them on said island.
    Well lets do desert island cult/classic tv. Nominate eight single episodes of tv that you'd take with you on the island, along with a DVD player of course.
    Rules: Only one episode per show and NO MOVIES. Someone else can start that thread.
    My choices in no particular order;
    Dr Who Inferno episode 6- possibly the best single episode,
    Blakes7 - Pressure Point - not necessarily the best but we have the classic line up and Servalan and Travis and the shock ending.
    The Sandbaggers - Special Relationship - last episode of series 1 . SIS Director has to choose between his lover's life or the special relationship between SIS and CIA.
    Fawlty Towers - The Germans
    U.F.O. Mindbender -Straker goes on a trip of epic proportions, a truly mindboggling episode
    Space 1999- The Troubled Spirit - someone haunted by their own ghost
    Star Trek - City at the edge of Forever, Joan Collins and a spectacular ending
    Finally ITV series Thriller - Killer in every Corner- Don Henderson, in story about criminal psychopaths serving as house servants to a Professor who is using them to study psychopathic behaviour when innocent students are invited to stay the weekend.
    That's my eight, any other suggestions?
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