Fun Doug Quaid: Was It All a Dream?

Was it all an implanted dream - or a real life adventure?

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While it can certainly be seen either way, I believe it's real. When he talks to his coworker about doing the virtual vacation, and he tries to talk him out of it, the coworker has a look of concern on his face. Not so much one that says "This guy needs help" or "I couldn't care less about your shitty life", but "Oh shit, this could end badly if his old memories come back". And there seem to be other subtle clues throughout that point to it being all real, even if he may doubt it.

Doctor Omega

What makes me think it is a dream is that everything they say they are going to implant as they put him under, happens, including the woman on the screen that he designed from scratch, Melina.

"Blue sky on mars!"

"Two headed monsters!"


I also think that that guy with the pill really was trying to talk him back into waking up.

What I love about the film is that ambiguity.