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“Elm Street” Reboot Still On The Way


The reboot of the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was a dud both critically and commercially, nevertheless talk of another reboot at New Line has persisted for years and picked up steam in 2015 when “The Conjuring 2” writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was hired to pen the screenplay.

Three years on there’s been zero update on the film’s progress until this week when Johnson-McGoldrick spoke with GameSpot and has weighed in on the reboot’s status. It seems he’s still attached to it, but there’s little actual movement on it:

“It’s still happening. Nothing is percolating just yet. The Conjuring universe is sort of first and foremost on [New Line Cinema’s] horror burner. Everybody wants to see Freddy again I think, so I think it’s inevitable at some point.”

Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote “Aquaman,” is currently working on “The Conjuring 3” which has been set for a 2020 release date. The comments follow on from this Fall’s “Halloween” revival which proved a massive success.


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Horror remakes are tricky, I think even more so than any other remake. This is pretty much due to the fanbase. Most of us in the horror fandom love the movies no matter how old or dated they look, how bad the effects have aged, or how terrible the acting may have been. We just appreciate the films, and because of that, get protective of them. Also, most times the people behind them are using the fanbase for free publicity, and forgetting just what made the original movies special to us.

I haven't hated all of the remakes. I still haven't seen Halloween, but I liked the Friday the 13th remake. It was a twist on Jason, but I appreciated it. There is a lot about the remake of The Evil Dead that I liked, but I accepted it as a different horror film set in the same universe (I much prefer what they did with the series Ash V. The Evil Dead). I hated the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and haven't watched anything else from that new series. I abhor the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, because it was boooooorrringgg. The kids all mumbled their way through the film, with no real emotion. And though I love Jackie Earle Haley (I just rewatched Lincoln, and he was great in it, for what little he's in it), he is no Freddy.

What I'm trying to say is, do the fans really want it, or do the producers just really want a few bucks in their pockets without getting off their asses and going out and getting some of the actual new talent out there who are making some amazing indie short films?