Controversial Extremism


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On other forums sites i saw many memebers that showd so much hate against muslim people,some of them talking even a "holocaust"of muslim in recent events and terrorist attacks in London.What are you thought about this? Should blame the all muslim people,for a few fanatics?


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Everyone - regardless of their colour, creed or culture - is responsible for their own actions and no one else's.

There are good and bad among people of every religion - and those who have no religion at all.

I will not judge someone by the actions of their brother - or sister.


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Should blame the all muslim people,for a few fanatics?
Well, here in the states, we've had more terrorist style attacks perpetrated by extremest Christians. Shall I blame all Christians for those peoples actions?

Truth be told, I blame religion itself for any extremists, because it's a breeding ground for nutters.,


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Organized religions nearly always seem to go off the rails at some point and produce extremist factions. It seems to be a concomitant, almost, of the mindset that goes in for organized religious practice in the first place. As Chainsaw wisely noted, this phenomenon is certainly not exclusive to Muslims--even religions that we tend to associate with very peaceful practice such as Hinduism and Buddhism have outbreaks of hysterical mania among their more fanatically-minded followers. I see no way of completely erasing this tendency as long as organized religions of any stripe exist. And I see no chance of their just withering away entirely, no matter how many followers some of them seem to be losing.

What angers me as much about these latest UK attacks--apart, of course, from rage at the stupid and wanton destruction for an idiotic 'cause'--is that they're playing so neatly into Trump's hands at this point. He'll point to them and say "See? I told you my travel ban was right all along"; and with the ban coming up before a majority conservative Supreme Court very soon, these attacks might just turn the decision in that rat bastard's favor. I hope, hope, hope I'm wrong about this, but I have no real feeling that I am.
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