Game of throne :who will be winner ?


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The Final season of game of thrones is coming in april this year . all fans are deeply waiting for it . but as it will as it pass . but the fun is in six episodes only . each episode will be of eighty minutes each .each episode will have its own story line drama and suspense . so dont miss game of throne season 8 episode 1 on 14 april 2019.
now the theories are also coming forward with the near of its end that who is gonna win the final battle. some are saying all noble families will die and some saying jon snow will get it through . now all these are just conception only . what are your theories ?

Doctor Omega

I have heard the theory mooted that Denerr.... Dener... That girl with the dragons.... could get it, but that she will be an ice zombie White Walker by then, so the last shot would be her zombie self walking up to and sitting on the throne - then smiling a dreadful smile...

I do think that - whatever happens - there are bound to be disappointed souls watching the show. They simply can't please everyone.

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