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The Federation sends Commissioner Sleer to Mecron II in order to investigate the various irregularities discovered in the mining operation on that planet. Belkov, the head of the mining unit, has hidden a large consignment of crystals aboard his orbiting space station. But Avon and his accomplices are also after the crystals, assisted by one of Belkov's erstwhile colleagues.

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Doctor Omega

A good episode for Stratford Johns, playing Belkov, but he tends to naturally dominate the story with his sheer talent and the regulars pale, in my opinion, in comparison.

Vila gets a nice scene with Gambit. The games the Liberator crew have to play, such as Soolin outshooting herself are okay, but again, we have a situation where the Scorpio crew waste an entire episode in pursuing something, but not gaining a thing - and only causing death along the way.
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Firstly Servalan, yes a pity about her non appearance in the finale, surely such an important character should have appeared, was it so out of order to give Jacqueline a one episode contract? All was needed to satisfy fans was for her to turn up at the end smiling at Avon and saying,
" Inevitable Avon it would end like this" , then cut to freeze of Avon and then the familiar ending.
Anyway to Games. This episode had good moments, Belkov was good, the Mecrons and their triangular knives were cool, Gambit was a very 80's computer but still fun, and Vila saved the day by rescuing Tarrant and Dayna.
I did feel the ending was a bit confusing and still do. Belkov presumably committed suicide or did he expect to travel through a black hole to who knows where. The feldon crystals did what exactly? Er.. the panels on orbiter tapped into the black hole and Avon did something clever to counteract it , equally powerful as a black hole!!? Right okay.
Much fun but ultimately a pointless adventure. At this point we have to accept that stealing valuable assets from the Federation constitutes being rebellious, rather than enriching themselves.
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