Controversial Greta Thunberg's dream world


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Poor Greta. Covid hit the world just as her book was hitting the stands. Now her parents aren't making all the money they wanted by exploiting their mentally-ill child.

She even tried to get back in the spotlight by claiming to have survived Covid. Didn't work.

What's worse for her is that all of the lockdowns reduced atmospheric emissions and slowed global warming.

Let's all cry for Greta.

Moving on....


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Greta Thunberg's full speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit
What's interesting about the whole Greta thing is that her speech echoes a few of the same sentiments as skeptics: that it's all about money.

And it's not about how much it would cost to re-fit factories, it's about figuring out "carbon taxes" to charge people. I'll guarantee that the IPCC has absolutely figured out how much CO2 is emitted annually by people (broken down by age groups) and by the several species of domesticated animals. I'll guarantee that they have a study on how much CO2 is scrubbed by each and every variety of plant, flower, tree, and grass.

And I'll bet that they already have a questionnaire ready to go out like a worldwide census to determine the personal carbon tax baseline for every citizen.

How many millions of dollars went into just that bit of research? How much more will they need every year to sustain it after implementation?

And once the majority of people start living greener lives and their carbon footprint is reduced, by how much will their carbon tax rise to fuel the carbon tax bureaucracy?

And don't even get me started on how many millionaires and billionaires have been and will be created in the "carbon offset" trading game. Looking at you, Al.

Is there a problem? Sure.

Does it need to be addressed? Yup.

Are carbon taxes and carbon offsets going to do anything besides redistribute money from the poor and middle classes to the rich? Not really.