Fun How Can Ripley Remember Fury 161?

Doctor Omega


In ALIEN RESURRECTION, "it" has memories because of the Alien race memories... or something.

Ripley remembers that she died and remembers FURY 16. She also cries over the death of Newt.

But presumably she was cloned from blood samples taken by Doctor Clemens immediately after she crashlanded and before she woke up, so - even allowing for this alien race memory thing - the clone should, surely, have no memories after the ending of Aliens?

Such memories should, surely, extend only up to the moment that the blood sample was taken?

As far as this clone's memories are concerned, she should surely have no knowledge about the fates of her friends - or herself.


When asked by Jonner what she did when she met the aliens before she replies: "I died!"

But how could she remember that - or any of the events on Fury?