Information How To Tape Off Your Xbox Onto Dvd or Vhs.

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    I wanted to share a old gaming trick I still use to this day. Before game DVR's, we had VHS to save our gameplays. I tried this trick on my 360 and it worked. I have yet to plug the X-1 into the dvd/vhs to see if it will work. This trick might work on Playstations, and Wii's, but I don't have those systems. Basically, older gaming systems will work.

    Pretty much it's very simple all you have to do is follow these steps.

    1. Take a XBox 360 Audio Video cables from the system
    2. Run them into your VHS/DVD burner or just a straight up VHS.
    3. Make sure the cables are going to the Audio/Video plugs. (Out/In)
    4. Have your system turned on and see if you see the Xbox title screen on the Input channel
    5. If you can see, hear, your Xbox then it's working.
    6. Now you can tape your game plays if you like on vhs or dvd.
    7. This setup is pretty much the same as running VHS to VHS, or DVD to VHS. Same plug setup is used going out to in.

    This is just for fun, not for profiting or bootlegging. Yes, You can also tape movies off of some of the apps. If you go this route the movie or show will have a really dark haze on it. Some apps are copyrighted and will shut down your taping. I just used this setup by accident and found I could tape some live concerts on Yahoo.
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