Fun Jodie's Last Episode Prediction Thread!

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Another stupidly early thead.... But, given the rate of turnover of Doctor's joining and leaving these days this may be relevant earlier than later... Well, within the next four years anyway, surely.....

At that point, this thread will turn into the official thread for her last episode.

So, just for fun, how do you think Jodie will exit the series?

Will she be stood up, arms spread wide, triumphant - as per New Who usual?

Or broken and collapsed, a la Hartnell, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, Baker?

Will the threat be cosmic? Universal disaster - a la LOGOPOLIS?

Or saving one person on one remote planet, a la ANDROZANI?

Do you think she will leave with Chibnall?

Or under the auspices of a different showrunner?

More seriously, do you predict that she will leave, job triumphantly done: "YES, RESULT!!"

Or a diplomatic exit, her tenure being a somewhat subdued affair, as the BBC replace her with someone to "rescue" the show from the unspoken failure of the Whittaker Doctor?

Or somewhere in the middle of those two extremes?

Which way do you think this is going to go?

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Doctor Omega

This may not matter for the next few years, of course, but I would, for once, like to see them forego the "stood up, arms spread triumphantly wide" regeneration just for once! And less of the Tardis-destroying fireworks.

As for the cause of Jodie's demise.... I think I would like to see it being her sacrificing her life for one person, a la ANDROZANI. A universe-threatening gigantic plot can seem a little too big to engage with at times. I'd like the idea of Jodie getting into a situation where the whole point of the story is that she is out of her depth and trying to extricate herself from it, while dying and saving one person. That, to me, is true heroism. Obviously not a complete carbon copy of Androzani, but something along those lines.

And seriously, no "exploding" Doctors, regenerating like catherine wheel fireworks. It is so over the top now as to be completely laughable.

And, if they are going to do that again, could Jodie please regenerate outside the Tardis. It really does make sense! :emoji_grin:
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Doctor Omega

Found on PLANET MONDAS forum.....

Some rumour circulating around GB that the regeneration is still on for Christmas 2020, and that there will also still be a new year special for a new Doctor. Series 12 is said to be eight episodes, and the BBC are thinking of dumping them on I-Player first.

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Hmmm ... my predictions ...

Triumphant, cosmic disaster, leaves with Chibnall. That’s just how NuWho is, why change the formula? Then again, Eccleston’s regeneration was decent. Maybe it was because he left on such bad terms, they didn’t vomit all over his regeneration and thought that was a punishment. Or they just did it in a hurry and it was a happy accident.

I sound like a broken record, but Tennant’s was the worst, worst, worst one!! So sappy and grandiose!

Now, as to whether she leaves triumphantly or subdued, it probably depends on the ratings next series. I think the ratings this series were generally favorable, I went to Rotten Tomatoes to look it up and I couldn’t find the ratings for individual episodes but it seemed popular overall.

Doctor Omega

After some digging I found the ratings for last series - and Capaldi's series 10.

Jodie did better on first sight, but this was after the series had been moved to Sunday. Had series 11 been broadcast in the same slot as Capaldi, with much fiercer competition from the other channels, it might well have been a different picture.

I notice also that Jodie's stories were shedding viewers much more persistently (after a natural high due to viewer curiosity over a female Doctor kickstarting the season). From 10.54m to 6;48m in the space of ten weeks is hardly the success story that the media have been spinning. I suspect the BBC is now grateful that they only made ten episodes. The New Year special, with a hyped Dalek, did little to nothing to reverse this trend.

(Capaldi, in a much tougher slot - and with Moffat's Godawful writing to contend with - had a much less dramatic reduction from 6.68m to 5.29m over a longer span of 12 weeks.)

The BBC must naturally be concerned that her next series will pick up where it left off ratings wise, at 6 million - and then continue that downward trend. So I think there will be a lot of cosmetic changes to the show to try to prevent that from happening, whether Chibnall wants to make them or not. This might be why there is talk of unhappiness behind the scenes. The showrunner and his "five year plan" has come up against naturally worried bosses.

I think if they had kept Capaldi on and moved him to Sunday, we would be looking at much steadier ratings than the Whittaker era has (so far) acheived (no peaks, but at least no troughs) and I certainly don't think we would have had that dramatic slump.

I think it has been quietly agreed behind the scenes that "This ain't working folks" and preparations are being made for yet another new era to save the Who Cash Cow from oblivion. One sole episode this year is also no sign of a success story.

Maybe it's reached a point now, though, where it has been messed around with so much that and the public is so jaded with it that it needs another rest - and perhaps even a total reboot further down the line?

In which case, I am not certain whether they should even bother with a 14th Doctor.

But yes, if Jodie does regenerate instead of fading into Sylvester like oblivion then I think you are right about it being sappy and grandiose yet again. Perhaps she would be better off just doing the "Somewhere the tea's getting cold" speech all over again. :emoji_grin:

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Capaldi really, really, really got a raw deal. Pertwee was my favorite Doctor but now Capaldi is, but Pertwee had better stories to work with. I think you’re right, the new timeslot would have catapulted the show into astronomical ratings. All he needed were better writers.

Honestly if next series isn’t great they need to pack it in. The Doctor should just turn into the Valeyard and forget future reboots. They could do something to honor the old show instead of shitting all over it like they have been lately (Jodie’s throwaway line about being a woman before left me severely miffed).