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Love his movies! Great movies, funny as h*ll. I have watched Blazing Saddles so many times and yet I still find it fun. I'm still wishing they would do a History of the World Part 2.

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Robin Hood Men In Tights
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The Producers
Blazing Saddles
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I luv:emoji_purple_heart: all of Mel Brooks movies. There are hilarious and very enjoyable. :emoji_grinning:



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I do love Mel and all of his movies. However, I really believe that Spaceballs was his last truly great film. I still enjoy Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Dracula: Dead and Loving It, but they seemed too much like specific parodies. Yes, they took aim at all the various films in their respective topics, but they didn't seem quite as good as his early work. A movie like Blazing Saddles is mentioned today mostly by the right leaning folks who whine about how "you couldn't make this movie today" (you could, because Mel was a genius and had a point, but you can't tell them than, because they think the PC police are hiding under their beds), but that film is genius for more than that. It points at the western genre as a whole, points out what's amusing about all of them, and then tackles the issue of racism, not only in the old west, but how it has seeped into the modern day. Young Frankenstein, while parodying the films, still has a very original take on the story, and is a brilliant film. History of the World Part I is a riot from beginning to end, and takes pot shots not only at history, but at historical epics in general. His last two films are the Mel Brooks equivalent of the (Fill-In-The-Blank) Movie parodies that plagued us for a little over a decade, where the "filmmakers" took a film or genre and just wrote jokes about it and filled the rest with current event jokes, which dated the films immediately. Brooks' films are 1000 times better than those, but just not on par with his early work.

Again, only my opinion. But I would rather sit and watch The Producers or Blazing Saddles over Robin Hood.


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"you couldn't make this movie today"
I know they say that, but the real reason is that they couldn't make it because they're not Mel Brooks - that job is taken - and no one needs to re-make it because the original will never fade and doesn't need to be "re-booted" in the first place.

Though I'm very much looking forward to seeing Young Frankenstein live as soon as it hits London.


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I don't think it's so much that they want it rebooted or anything, but the common argument is that racist while folks get upset because they aren't allowed to just use the N-word whenever they want. In fact, racists seem to constantly go on about freedom of speech when they get called out on their rhetoric, and can't understand why people get offended by racist comments.


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and can't understand why people get offended by racist comments.
Do you think they could be persuaded to stay home more and watch Blazing Saddles every day till they get the point? It would keep them off the street, out of bad company and out of my way - plus if they try really hard to get it we might let them watch Blues Brothers next...