News Moon Landing Film: IN DEVELOPMENT

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Linklater Filming Mysterious Moon Landing Film


Filmmaker Richard Linklater has revealed new details about his secret next film in a new interview with The Houston Chronicle.

Linklater confirmed he will be shooting a coming-of-age story in Houston, Texas where it will be set in 1969 during the moon landing. The story will follow a young boy’s perspective of the events about which Linklater says: “You had so much going on in Houston at once: NASA, the Medical Center, the Astrodome. There was a communal atmosphere. You had all these kids with parents working at NASA for a common goal.”

Linklater’s production team has called for any Houston residents with home videos or archival footage available from the 1960s to potentially be included in the yet-to-be-named project which aims to be in cinemas in 2019 for the moon landing’s 50th anniversary.