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In a March 2012 New York Times interview, Peter Dinklage revealed that he and Sacha Gervasi had spent several years writing a script about Herve Villechaize.

Gervasi, a director and journalist, conducted a lengthy interview with Villechaize just prior to his suicide; according to Dinklage, "[a]fter he killed himself, Sacha realized Hervé's interview was a suicide note".

The film, to be entitled My Dinner with Hervé,[9] is based on the last few days of Villechaize's life, and is meant to star Dinklage in the title role.

The film will be on HBO.

Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize (French: [ɛʁve vilʃɛz]; 23 April 1943 – 4 September 1993) was a French actor and painter of English and Filipino descent who achieved worldwide recognition for various roles including that of the evil henchman Nick Nack in the James Bondfilm, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), as well as Mr. Roarke's assistant, Tattoo, on the television series Fantasy Island (1978–1984).

On Fantasy Island, he was well known for delivering the line "Ze plane! Ze plane!"


His first movie appearance was in Chappaqua (1966).

The second film was Edward Summer's Item 72-D: The Adventures of Spa and Fon filmed in 1969.

This was followed by several films including Christopher Speeth's and Werner Liepolt's Malatesta's Carnival of Blood; Crazy Joe; Oliver Stone's first film, Seizure; The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight; and Forbidden Zone (1980).

He was asked to play a role in the film Dune, which had originally begun pre-production in 1971; however, the project was cancelled.

His big break was getting cast in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), by which time he had become so poor he was living out of his car in Los Angeles.

Prior to being signed up by Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli, he made ends meet by working as a rat catcher's assistant near his South Central home.

From what his co-actor Christopher Lee saw, The Man with the Golden Gun filming was possibly the happiest time of Hervé's life:

Lee likened it to honey in the sandwich between an insecure past and an uncertain future.

In addition to being an actor, Villechaize became an active member of a movement in 1970s and 1980s California to deal with child abuse and neglect, often going to crime scenes himself to help comfort abuse victims.

Villechaize's former co-workers recalled that despite his stature, he would often confront and chastise spousal and child abusers when he arrived at crime scenes.

In the 1970s, on Sesame Street, Villechaize performed Oscar the Grouch as a pair of legs peeping out from a trash can, for scenes which required the Grouch to be mobile.

These appearances began in the second season and included the 1978 Hawaii episodes.

Though popular with the public, Villechaize proved a difficult actor on Fantasy Island, where he continually propositioned women and quarreled with the producers.

He was eventually fired after demanding a salary on a par with that of his co-star Ricardo Montalbán. Villechaize was replaced with Christopher Hewett, of Mr. Belvedere and The Producers fame.

He starred in the movie Forbidden Zone (1980), and appeared in Airplane II: The Sequel (1982), and episodes of Diff'rent Strokes and Taxi.

He later played the role of the character Rumpelstiltskin in the Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre episode Rumpelstiltskin.

In the 1980s, he became popular in Spain due to his impersonations of Prime Minister Felipe González on the television show Viaje con nosotros (Travel with us), with showman Javier Gurruchaga.

He made his final appearance in a cameo appearance as himself in an episode of The Ben Stiller Show.

Personal life and death

In 1983, Haywood Nelson, star of What's Happening!!, had interviewed him about his many suicide attempts for a program entitled That Teen Show, which included messages directed at depressed and suicide-prone teenagers.

Villechaize said then that he had learned to love life.

In the early morning hours of 4 September 1993, Villechaize is believed to have first fired a shot through the sliding glass patio door in order to awaken his longtime girlfriend, Kathy Self, before shooting himself at his North Hollywood home.

Self found Villechaize in his backyard, and he was pronounced dead at a North Hollywood facility.

Villechaize left a suicide note saying he was despondent over longtime health problems.

Villechaize was suffering from chronic pain due to having normal-sized internal organs putting increasing pressure on his small body.

According to Self, Villechaize often slept in a kneeling position so he could breathe more easily.

At the time of his suicide, Cartoon Network was in negotiations for him to co-star in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which was in pre-production at the time.

Villechaize would have voiced Space Ghost's sidekick on the show.

His ashes were sprinkled into the Pacific Ocean off Point Fermin in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California.


Doctor Omega

Andy Garcia To Play Ricardo Montalban


Andy García has been cast as legendary actor Ricardo Montalban in “My Dinner With Herve” which is currently shooting.

The story explores an unlikely friendship that evolves over one wild night in Los Angeles between struggling journalist Danny Tate (Jamie Dornan) and “Fantasy Island” actor Herve Villechaize (Peter Dinklage), resulting in life-changing consequences for both.

Montalban, who went on to star in such iconic 1980s films as “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” and “The Naked Gun,” became famous for the 1970s TV series “Fantasy Island” where he co-starred with Villechaize.

Sacha Gervasi (“Hitchcock”) penned and directs from a story by he and Sean Macaulay and inspired by Gervasi’s own experience interviewing Villechaize in 1993 – only days before the actor committed suicide. Oona Chaplin, Mireille Enos and Harriet Walter co-star in the film.

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Dinklage Shuts Down “Herve” Whitewash Talk


One of the more interesting film releases of the Fall isn’t happening in cinemas, it’s on HBO with the biopic “My Dinner with Herve” about the late “Fantasy Island” and “The Man with the Golden Gun” actor Herve Villechiaze.

“Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage takes on the role of the most famous dwarf actor of the 1970s in the story of his a unique friendship with a reporter (played by Jamie Dornan). The project’s first trailer released last week with Dinklage adopting Villechiaze’s memorable voice and accent – and soon the project was quickly slammed on social media with cries of whitewashing.

Why? Well there’s the widespread belief Villechiaze was half-Filipino, quite different heritage to the very caucasian Dinklage, so some have said he shouldn’t have the right to portray the actor. In a new interview with EW though, Dinklage quite successfully dismantles the backlash and throws in a warning to those who only get their facts from Wikipedia:

“The internet is the best thing and the worst thing. The funny thing about the backlash is it addresses what we address in the film about not judging a book by its cover. Herve was judged by how he looked, and cast and perceived to be who he is accordingly.

It says [Villechiaze was half-Filipino] on Wikipedia. Family members can’t change information on there. My daughter’s name was ‘Zelig’ on Wikipedia for a long time. Her name is not Zelig. I don’t know who is able to put information up, but there are so many things on there that aren’t true.

There’s this term ‘whitewashing.’ I completely understand that. But Herve wasn’t Filipino. Dwarfism manifests physically in many different ways. I have a very different type of dwarfism than Hervé had. I’ve met his brother and other members of his family. He was French, and of German and English descent. So it’s strange these people are saying he’s Filipino. They kind of don’t have any information.

This [movie] isn’t ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ Personally, I would never do that, and I haven’t done that, because he wasn’t. People are jumping to conclusions based on a man’s appearance alone and that saddens me.”

“My Dinner with Herve” is slated to air HBO on October 20th.