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    I have just seen Nocturnal Animals, based in Richard Wright's Tony and Susan.When a film is usually based on a book, people usually consider the book to be much better, but in this case, it was the other way around.

    The film was much more interesting, and easier to understand. In the comments and events on Susan's daily life at her art gallery and at home with her second husband I could see the relation between the novel and Edward's revenge on Susan - by being a successful write with a possible bestseller on the making, he is proving to her that he had talent, even in the past, when she was frustrated with him.

    In the novel, Susan doesn't change a thing on her life. In the film, she tries to meet Edward at the restaurant, but it's Edward who now doesn't want to know anything about her.

    Other films which were superior to the book
    - The Prince of Tides.
    - Gone with the Wind
    - Nocturnal Animals
    - A Beautiful Mind
    - The Rules of the Cider House

    Can anybody think of any more examples?
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    The Stepford Wives
    Rosemary's Baby

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