Elliot Thomas

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Grant is superb as a dashing advertising exec who’s mistaken for a double agent and gets himself involved in a dangerous cat-and-mouse chase across America with the police and crooks on his trail. It all culminates in a legendary crop-dusting plane scene and Mount Rushmore finalé. There’s great support from smouldering love interest Saint and suave villain Mason.
This is a compendium of everything that defines Hitchcock’s work; it’s also the ultimate in film entertainment with action, intrigue, romance and comedy, plus lots of the director’s trademark flourishes. Exhilarating:emoji_relaxed:


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Great film and, OK, one that calls my bluff elsewhere that e.g. Rear Window would work even if Hitchcock had taken the setting back home to London. Hard to imagine a Cary Grant going home to squelch around the Norfolk Broads, or a grand finale dangling off Big Ben. Oh wait, Robert Powell did that already in his 39 Steps. Odd that the UK has never had a habit of carving Prime Ministers' mugs into rocky outcrops, though there are several current politicians I'd like to dangle off Beachy Head just to try the effect for size...