Review Now Voyager (1942)

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Your thoughts on this movie.....

A frumpy spinster blossoms under therapy and becomes an elegant, independent woman.

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I saw it a while ago, and thought it was pretty boring. I mean, it starts off promising when we're introduced to the tyrant mother, the doctor, and a withdrawn Bette Davis. But the scenes at the ship, and later when Bette meets the little girl just seem to go on forever. Not to mention, the two love interests are incredibly bland. I get that Irving Rapper wanted to make a film that adresses mental health, but I feel that he did a much better job of that in The Glass Menagerie eight years later.

Btw, it's good to be back here again, Omega.:emoji_relaxed:

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Yes, it is has slowly built up and there always seem to be about between 20 and 30 guests online all the time now whereas there used to be a mere handful at any one time, which isn't too bad. But yeah, we always hope for a few more.

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