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Cruise Shows Video Of M:I-6 Stunt Gone Wrong

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Five months on from his injury, Tom Cruise tells TV host Graham Norton that his ankle has yet to fully heal: “It’s still broken, but I’m doing well. It’s not fully healed, but we’re shooting.”

Cruise and his “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” co-stars Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson all appeared on the show a few hours ago to talk up the film which has been shooting on-and-off since early 2017.

The hope was we’d get the first glimpse of footage, but that is being held until the Super Bowl next weekend. Instead, the show offered a look at something different – HD footage from multiple angles of the injury that Cruise sustained.

The stunt had Cruise break his foot while jumping into a building wall. The thought at the time was that he missed the roof and hitting the wall was an accident, but Cruise says it was part of the stunt. The video then shows what happened.

Surprisingly it has been revealed that the film is still about six weeks away from wrapping, despite still being locked in for a July 28th release.

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