Review On the Buses (1969)

Doctor Omega

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Feel free to post and chatter here about Blakey, Stan, Olive and co.

"I'm gonna get you Butler!!"

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The early series were the best. Arthur and Olive as a pair were terrific.
Olive " the milkman whistled at me"
" he probably thought you were his horse"
After Arthur left and then Stan, it nose-dived in quality. Completely non PC of course, but enjoyable. Bob Grant and Stephen Lewis, Jack and Blakey, wrote some episodes, only recently realised this.


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Iris the darts throwing clippie from Basildon was a cracker in the first series and it's a shame they didn't keep her in the show! Another great show from my childhood that I still love today especially the bit where Arfur nearly chokes on his fag because some fibres from the carpet ended up in his roll-up!