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They never forged a long term career.

But you really like the one song that they had a hit with.

Tell us which song it is here...

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True fans will probably know it well as a song, but for those who have never heard it, this is the last song that John Lennon ever worked on, on the evening of December the 8th, 1980, at the recording studio, before heading home in a limousine with Yoko, with the tape of it tucked under his arm.

He was still carrying the tape of it when his killer shot him and Yoko later retrieved it from where he dropped it outside the Dakota.

It is "Walking on Thin Ice", by Yoko Ono and John contributes the wailing guitar in the background, as well as being producer of the song...

He told Yoko that night at the studio: "I think you just recorded your first number one Yoko."

When Yoko released it a few months after John's death it did not reach number one, but decades later a dance floor remix of it did.

Here is the original released version.....

The accompanying video was directed and edited by Yoko as a pop video for the song when she released it....

How do you feel about the song, in terms of it's quality as a song? And about it's existence as the backdrop to a tragedy? About Yoko and her abilities - and how she dealt with this tragedy? And about December the 8th, 1980 and the consequences of that night as a whole?
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I'll start by saying that my formative years started with U.S. Beatlemania, circa 1964. When John was killed, I wept on and off for days. I mean, on an intellectual level, I was confounded by the tragedy, but I was surprised at the time by the depth of my emotional sadness.

As to the song, I've never been a fan of her singing voice, so that's a problem for me. Otherwise, the song has a compulsive rhythm that is pleasing. But its proximity to John's death does not lend itself one way or the other.