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A fresh, new open thread for a whole new era?

Or just more of the same IMDF nonsense?

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Post any and all topics here that interest you here - and see if any of them get a bite!


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Doctor Omega

Am fairly fascinated by the hoo-ha over the book on John Lennon that came out, written by Albert Goldman in 1988 that provoked a "fire-storm of controversy".

But actually seems fairly tame now.

The author, Goldman, died of a heart attack some years late while flying to the UK to take part in a tv interview.

He was writing an, obviously never finished, book on Jim Morrison at the time......

A look at Albert Goldman's Book about John Lennon,

1988 Paul McCartney & George Martin -Today Show discussing John Lennon Book.


Doctor Omega

I often watch this as it's lovely car-crash viewing.

Uri Geller is checkmated miserably on the Johnny Carson TONIGHT show. Carson had been in touch with sceptic James Randi before the interview took place and Randi advised Carson (who had also been a magician himself) to stop Geller having access to any of the props being used and other tips.

Watch as an increasingly irritated Geller's powers inexplicably desert him. He even gets snarky with poor old fellow guest Ricardo Montanban (KHAAAAAAANNN!!!).

"This scares me" says Geller at the start of the interview.... 2 mins, 15 seconds in.....

Despite this interview, Geller is, of course, still active in his chosen profession to this day.