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Doctor Omega


You turned left when you should have turned right.

Do you believe that there is an alternative universe existing alongside ours where you did turn right, with all the repercussions of that decision following on?

Or is there just this one universe and just this one choice?

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I think the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears issue is proof of multiple universes and that people can and do cross over between them. :emoji_wink:

Alex Vojacek

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I think the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears issue is proof of multiple universes and that people can and do cross over between them.
You're talking about the Mandela Effect. I still remember the movie Interview with a vampire where all my family members clearly remember it as "interview with THE vampire".

My wife is the only one who remembers it as "a" instead of "the"... a lot of more coincidences with her and some of my friends that the rest of my family remembers it differently. I also prepared several topics that where controversial to some of my friends and they either remember it like I do or the other way around... no in-between which is weird as f*** !!

Doctor Omega

Okay, I just had my own Mandela Effect moment!

I remember this series having a different breed of dog!

The dog I remember being in it looked more like this....


Not like this bloody great big thing!

I have officially



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To be serious The Universe is the totality of all dimensions however exotic, so parallel dimensions or worlds would still be part of the actuality that is the universe as distinct from non actualized i.e. non existent.
Possible World theory or modal realism is basically a metaphysical linguistic trick to explain vague sentences like " I could have been a movie star"
Philosopher, the late David Lewis went a step further and believed in the actualization of infinite possible worlds, existent but causally separate from our world. World meaning our actual world i.e. totality of The Universe.
See " metaphysics -possible worlds" thread for details of this bizarre notion which got other philosophers saying " Lewis doesn't think these worlds actually exist does he? "
"yep he does" or did.
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Doctor Omega


Everyday Chemistry is an "unreleased" studio album by The Beatles that came into the possession of an unnamed person identified only by the pseudonym "James Richards", under mysterious circumstances after crossing to a parallel world where The Beatles never broke up.

Everyday Chemistry is a remix album of unknown authorship that was made available as a free digital download on September 9, 2009.

It mashes up various songs from the Beatles' individual solo careers, intending to present an album that the members would have recorded had they not broken up.

Fictional context

The album was accompanied by a story written by an anonymous person under the pen name "James Richards".

Richards describes meeting a man named of Jonas who lives both in the real world and a parallel universe in which the Beatles never broke up.

Jonas and Richards both discussed their enjoyment of the Beatles.

In return, Jonas gave Richards a cassette tape containing one of their albums from that imagined timeline.

Richards denied that the album was composed of mashups, reasoning that "even though in the alternate universe the Beatles hadn't broken up, that didn't mean their future music ideas disappeared."

00:00 (01) Four Guys
04:18 (02) Talking To Myself
07:56 (03) Anybody Else
13:57 (04) Sick To Death
16:52 (05) Jenn
20:26 (06) I'm Just Sitting Here
23:48 (07) Soldier Boy
27:09 (08) Over The Ocean
30:44 (09) Days Like These
34:06 (10) Saturday Night 3
(11) Mr. Gators Swamp Jamboree

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Philosophically, I like the idea of a multiverse and want it to exist...

However, what I want and what is "real" are often two completely different things.

Of course, in recent times, I've become increasingly aware of the phenomena known as the Mandela Effect and once again the idea of a multiverse comes to my mind...

Doctor Omega

For all of you (Affected) by the Mandela Effect Philip K Dick discloses the real deal in 1977

Like many of you ( A few Billion by now) I was blown away when I ran into the Mandela Effect and realized reality is not what I remembered it to be. All you Flat Earthers out there think you got a hold of deep profound sh!t eh? Well, guess what? All you got is an appetizer. Who cares about the shape of the Planet when you realize you're NOT ON THE SAME EARTH you were born into.
The mind behind movies like Blade Runner, Minority report, Total Recall, and if you got Amazon’s version of Netflix “The man in the high castle” What about him? Well, I love PKD as a writer and even more as a human being because he was dealing with this sh!t long before any of us were even born. But his personal reality is a bit dark for my taste. However, I can’t thank him enough for having the stones to put this out in 1977.


Doctor Omega


: "We are living in a computer-programmed reality.- and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs."
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