News Paul Darrow (1941-2019)


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This is terrible news. I'm devastated, Paul and Tom Baker were my boyhood celluloid heroes, Avon and the Fourth Doctor I adored as a young Sci fi fan. This is so sad.
I will definitely now buy Big Finish's Blake's 7 stuff, which hitherto I've only partially heard. I want to enjoy these performances of Paul's to the max. R.I.P. Paul Darrow.

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Gutted here too beyond words.

Childhood heroes blinking out one by one. But Paul was perhaps the most meaningful of all.

RIP Mister Darrow.

This quote sums him up best from this article I think, (better than I feel able to at the moment. :emoji_cry:)......

A star has gone out today; the world will be a darker place without him."

Avon - he did it his way

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