Controversial Poor Old Jar Jar: Is All the Hatred Warranted?

Surely Jar Jar is not all that bad?

  • Yes he is! I can't stand him! I am surprised at you even asking!

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  • I liked him! The level of hate is unwarranted.

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Doctor Omega

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Will nobody stand in defence of this Star Wars character?

There must be some good things to say about him?

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Yes yes... with all my guts !!. It's the worse idea ever. In fact, I feel like Lucas sold the license to Disney because he knew he screwed up big time with Jar Jar, even when everyone around him told him that.
Yes, he really "nuked the fridge" with Jar Jar...

Hmm... I think I see a pattern starting to form.

It seems like he has the Midas touch in reverse... Everything he touches turns to crap.


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I feel like Lucas sold the license to Disney because he knew he screwed up big time with Jar Jar, even when everyone around him told him that.
The worst of it is, I don't think anybody did tell him that. I remember watching the DVD extras for The Phantom Menace, and everyone Lucas had surrounded himself with by that point were little more than yes men. He hired all of these fanboys who wanted nothing more than to be a part of Star Wars, and were willing to blow smoke up Uncle George's ass and tell him that every idea he had was great.

I get so torn about my real thoughts on guys like Lucas and Roddenberry, and I've stated before. They're great idea men, and they both created universes that I am a huge fan of. But as we have seen, when you allow others to take the idea and add to it in ways that the original creator might not have done, they become much greater. With Lucas, we saw that with Empire, and how approach to make it a darker movie than Lucas had wanted to do made it a superior film. But then he took more control with Jedi, and while a great film, it went back to being more family friendly than Empire (plus, his only goal with the Ewoks was to sell toys rather than to enhance the SW universe). Then we saw him do the special editions and the constant tinkering, and then the prequels, and it became apparent that Star Wars is better when he allows others to help him in his stories rather than have total control of them. I don't hate the prequels, nor the special editions of the films. But Lucas needed someone to sit him down and tell him off every now and then.

But as a creative person myself, I understand his side of it as well. This was his baby, he created it (true, borrowed many aspects from other sources, but more originally than Cameron had done with Avatar). Still, I'm glad others are taking over the storytelling and expanding the universe. He can just sit back and complain about how it needed more political issues and committee meetings.

Doctor Omega

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Just found this chilling fan theory.........

Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord


Out of all the movie theories mentioned in response to our previous article, Darth Jar Jar was the most frequently requested by far. For some reason, lots of people believe that the bumbling Gungan we met on Naboo back in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is actually the most powerful Sith in the universe, as ridiculous as it sounds. In the same way that a young Anakin Skywalker was able to enter the battle for Naboo unscathed (likely due to his natural aptitude for piloting and the Force), Jar Jar was able to do the same during the big battle between the Gungans and the Trade Federation droids. Don't let his goofy demeanor trick you. Remember, Yoda was originally introduced as just a silly, swamp-dwelling creature on Dagobah before turning out to be an old Jedi Master.

Jar Jar can be seen using the sleight-of-hand/wave motion usually done during the Jedi mind trick during various parts of Episode I when speaking to important characters. He apparently uses this while persuading the entire Senate to grant full control and emergency power to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and it works. This action puts Palpatine in the perfect position to control everything and rise to power as the Emperor. Even when Qui-Gon Jinn mentions using the Force to guide them underneath the waters of Naboo, Jar Jar scoffs at the concept. Don't forget, Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks are both from Naboo and could have met each other decades before the events of Episode I. At Qui-Gon's funeral at the end of The Phantom Menace, he's standing right beside Palpatine, which starts a recurring theme of them being seen together. In the beginning of Episode III, you can see Jar Jar and Palpatine walking close to one another. Binks also senses Anakin and Obi-Wan's arrival at the beginning of Episode II. He approaches the elevator for no reason and doesn't attempt to open the door. He just waits a second or two, knowing that they are coming, but still acts surprised to see them once the door opens in order to maintain his cover. Maybe Jar Jar's almost too-obvious clumsiness wasn't why he was banned from the underwater Gungan city, and why they treated him like a viable threat when he arrived. Maybe Supreme Leader Snoke is a front and Jar Jar Binks still continues to pull the strings of the Dark Side.

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Doctor Omega

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Lucas doesn't care too terribly much that some folks have a problem with Jar Jar. "I think the comic-relief character is an important dramatic device," he says. "Some of the fans that want The Phantom Menace to be The Terminator don't like the idea that there are comic characters in it. I certainly am not going to make a grim bloodfest out of Star Wars."

Doctor Omega

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Michael Jackson wanted the role of Jar Jar.....

Once, in London, Portman, Lucas and Best went to a Michael Jackson concert. "Backstage, George introduced me. He goes, 'This is Ahmed, also known as Jar Jar Binks.' I thought, 'I wonder why he said that.' Come to find out, Michael was campaigning for the part. George said to cast him would compromise the movie because he's such a big star."