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Macfadyen To Play Robert The Bruce


Angus Macfadyen will reprise the role of king Robert the Bruce, which he played in 1995’s “Braveheart,” for the upcoming Scottish drama “Robert the Bruce”.

Aussie director Richard Gray (“Sugar Mountain”) helms the Macfadyen and Eric Belgau scripted story about how the widow Moira (Anna Hutchison) and her child (Gabriel Bateman), niece (Talitha Bateman) and nephew (Lessard) who save the King of Scotland.

Other cast includes Jared Harris, Patrick Fugit, Zach McGowan, Emma Kenney, Diamaid Murtagh, Seoras Wallace, Shane Coffey, Kevin McNally and Melora Walters.

A Western bio-archaeologist and a Western-trained forensic sculptor have laid to rest the 700-year-old rumour that Scottish warrior-king Robert the Bruce had leprosy. But in the first examination of a skull cast and a foot bone authorized by the Bruce family descendants, Western Prof. Andrew Nelson has determined King Robert did not show the telltale signs of the disease. Now forensic artist Christian Corbet is finishing a new bust of Robert the Bruce, which will be unveiled in Scotland in March, 2017

He is one of the most famous figures in Scottish history, but no one actually knows what he looks like... until now. Historians have unveiled a digitally-reconstructed image of the face of Robert the Bruce almost 700 years after his death. The image has been produced using casts from what is believed to be the skull of the famous Scottish king. It is the culmination of a two-year research project by researchers at universities in Glasgow and Liverpool.