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If, for example, a couple gets a divorce everyone who knows them might believe that the wife (or the husband) was a jerk or an a-hole or whatever, when the truth inside the marriage is completely different.
It's actually funny you use this as an example. A really good friend of mine from high school had gotten a divorce a year or so back. They originally split amicably, or so they told everyone on social media. Then, a few moths later, he's throwing all sorts of shade her way, and being he was such a good friend, I believed all of the crap he was saying about her. I eventually went to her, and asked her her side of the story, only to find out that my friend was really kind of an asshole. So yes, there is always a side to people we all "know" that we have never seen.

Plus, I have never liked Cruise, and have always thought there was something shady about him. Shady, I say.

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Plus, I have never liked Cruise, and have always thought there was something shady about him. Shady, I say.
Couldn't agree more CS. His comments when Brooke Shields talked about suffering from Post-Partum Depression were utterly outrageous and completely inappropriate given that he has never and will never, give birth.

But we're also talking about a guy who was jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa saying how he'd never been "in love" before KH. I couldn't imagine anyone with children from a previous marriage putting a comment like that out to a national audience when the children he shared with her could be watching. He's a thoughtless pig..... (and there goes my mouth again!).


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Scientology leader, David Miscavige, interviewed by by Ted Koppel Live on ABC Nightline show, 1992. This 90-minute segment interview earned an Emmy Award. Mr. Miscavige addresses various arguments, including the relationship between psychiatry & Scientology, allegations about where the Church's money goes, and a lot more.


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