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Doctor Who Series 12: when does production begin?

Zoe Howerska, who was a part of Hayley Nebauer’s costume team on Doctor Who Series 10 is back at Roath Lock Studios working on an unnamed TV pilot. She indicates that the next Doctor Who series will begin production in November.

“I’m back in the fitting cupboard of dreams!! Oh mister easy-selfie-mirror how I’ve missed you. Actually really sweet to be back in my old DW office at RL

She was asked, “Are you back on the show?” She replied:

“no they’re wrapped now till November! I’m designing a tv pilot during their break”

So we can look forward to production beginning again in November.

Some quotes about Series 11 production from Chris Chibnall at San Diego Comic Con:

“We seem to be filming eleven episodes, Matt [Strevens], but it’s only a series of ten!”

“I would definitely think there’s another episode after the series.”

We can also assume that the Series 11 Christmas special, hinted at by Chris Chibnall and directed by Wayne Yip, was already filmed during production of the series, which wrapped on August 3.
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Fresh rumors from The Sun: The three companions we have currently might only last one series, with The Doctor reuniting with an old companion for the next series....that being Billie Piper reprising her role as Rose. There are "talks" going on with Billie according to the show's executive producer

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Will the next series of Doctor Who be delayed until 2020?

Rumour has it that filming for Jodie Whittaker’s next adventures could begin a little later this year – but sources say that may not mean the series skips 2019



Recent reports have suggested that the next series of Doctor Who could be delayed until 2020, with a rumoured hold-up in the start of shooting for Jodie Whittaker’s second season said to potentially push back the start of the BBC sci-fi series by a number of months.

But is it true? Well, RadioTimes.com understands that the facts may not be as clear-cut as they first appear – and that a reduced shooting period might not mean a delay even if Doctor Who does start filming a little later than it did for series 11.

The story of Doctor Who series 12’s possible delay stems from a report suggesting that filming for the new episodes won’t kick off until January 2019, later than the current series began shooting (in late October 2017) and suggesting a shorter or shifted production schedule.

“It looks far more likely that the next run will air in winter or spring 2020,” a BBC source reportedly told the Mirror.

“There simply isn’t time to finish filming and get all the editing done before next October. It’s too tight. We’re facing a gap year.”

However, other sources suggest that production on the new series will be underway sooner than the new year, and that no plans have yet been finalised about moving the series 12 episodes (and thus making 2019 a Doctor Who gap year) anyway.

“We go into production next month,” a source close to the show told RadioTimes.com, “but it’s much too early to be making scheduling decisions anyway.

“We hadn’t decided when the current series would air when we were filming it – we only decided a few months ago.”

RadioTimes.com also understands that any future series of Doctor Who may have slightly shorter production schedules than the current one in any case, thanks to many core aspects of Whittaker’s series – including assembling the behind-the-scenes crew and writers, creating an opening sequence, designing costumes and other props – having been worked out during preproduction for series 11.

Even Whittaker’s new Tardis hadn’t been built when filming began for series 11, and it may be that after spending a little longer creating a revamped version of the venerable series for Whittaker’s new Doctor, the production team can work within a slightly tighter timeframe going forward.

Then again, when asked by RadioTimes.com in September whether production on series 12 would begin soon, series showrunner Chris Chibnall was non-committal.

“Hopefully, yeah,” he told us. “It’d be nice, wouldn’t it?”

“You’ll have to wait find out,” added series star Tosin Cole. “I’m excited to know when you know.”

“Let’s see what happens at the end of this one,” continued Mandip Gill, who plays Yaz Khan in the series.

“If we’re still here at the end of this one…”

So for now, we have to take any talk of series 12 production as speculation, and until an airdate is officially confirmed – or at least until filming actually begins – we’ll just have to wait and see whether Doctor Who fans are in for a Doctor-free 2019.

And of course, in the meantime, we still have seven episodes of Doctor Who to go before this year’s Christmas special, so there’s lots to look forward to for Who fans in the near future.

Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Sundays

This article was originally published on 23 October 2018

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What are the RADIO TIMES playing at?

They are the BBC, so reporting "rumours" and "sources" when they should logically know what the heck is happening seems underhanded and pure subterfuge.

They are up to something clearly and a delay of some kind with series 12 seems obvious.

I just wish that the RADIO TIMES/BBC would be honest and upfront about it, rather than reporting it in this oblique, detached manner.

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Some worrying rumours, courtesy of STARBURST MAGAZINE..


The BBC was happy to go on the record about the programme’s short-term future. There had been a lot of chatter about Jodie Whittaker’s second run in Series 12 being planned for a broadcast in the spring of 2020, rather than in the autumn of 2019 as everyone had originally assumed. This is not true.

We were told that Series 12 went into production this week, and that it will definitely be broadcast next year, as part of the autumn 2019 TV schedule.
That’s one rumour that has now been scotched.
The second rumour that’s currently doing the rounds is that new showrunner Chris Chibnall hasn’t been happy behind the scenes, and is set to quit after Series 12.

We can only speculate as to his possible reasons – if indeed the story is true – but Chibnall told us quite firmly in January 2013 that he didn’t want the showrunner job, and it’s possible after the success of Broadchurch that the BBC pursued him for it against his better wishes. Or simply that he changed his mind.
Either way, if there is any truth to this rumour then it’s also been said that Jodie Whittaker would not want to continue on as the Doctor without Chibnall at the helm, and would leave at the same time as he did.

Could the 2019 run of episodes be set to finish with another regeneration for the Doctor? It’s unlikely we’ll know for sure one way or the other for some while yet. But one thing’s for sure, if Whittaker should leave the series after only two series, and with 2018 having seen some of Doctor Who’s highest ratings yet, it won’t be because the ‘experiment’ in changing the Doctor’s gender was a failure.
More news on this when we get it.

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Another outlet, fansite Outpost Skaro, believes that 2019 will bring us only five or six episodes plus a Christmas special. This is due to the BBC’s demand for at least one season a year but Chibnall claiming that a “full series-a-year is unsustainable.” As such, he’s decided to compromise and produce only a handful of episodes. That being said, though, if the BBC is unable to find a new showrunner by 2019, Chibnall may need to oversee all 10 installments, which would be split between 2019 and 2020.
But circling back to Jodie, and Outpost Skaro says “a series-a-year will be too much for the young mum” and the actress will likely “hand over the keys to the TARDIS, as is tradition, next Christmas.” But it’s not only Whittaker and Chibnall who are on their way out, as Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will likely walk away from the show, too, while Mandip Gill’s status is said to be unknown at the moment.

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Chibnall claiming that a “full series-a-year is unsustainable.” As such, he’s decided to compromise and produce only a handful of episodes.

“a series-a-year will be too much for the young mum”

I have to play Devil's Advocate of course and suggest (at least the possibility) that they have both been more or less fired and that this is the story that they and the BBC management have agreed to, much in the same way that Colin was advised to say that he had decided to leave after three years. Colin refused to play ball, but Chibnall and Whittaker are being a bit more sensible in terms of their careers, as Colin was blacklisted for years thereafter. I have always suspected that Peter Capaldi got the push too, but once again played ball.

I think that the BBC have looked at the sales of merchandise - regardless of any viewing figures - and decided to cut their losses by producing as few episodes of Jodie as possible from this point forward, before replacing her - and her showrunner as soon as humanly possible; while claiming that this era has been an outstanding success that was wholeheartedly embraced by the viewing public.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I am a confirmed cynic and wondering what happened to Chibnall's "five year plan". Also, why did Jodie not realise going in that a series a year would be too much for her? Why has Jodie only belatedly realised this now?

No, I can't help thinking cover story.......as we approach an ignominious end for this bold - and short-lived - new era.
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RUMOURS.... Continued....

-Chibnall wanted 18 month filming breaks, but the BBC demanded a 2019 series after seeing the massive ratings
-Five or Six Episode Run
-The series production proved too much for Jodie as a young mother
-Bradley Walsh is unlikely to continue. It's wait-and-see with Cole and Gill, though Cole is expected to go also.
-The Christmas special will be reinstated next year, Jodie will regenerate there


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Is the BBC trying to kill Doctor Who? They never had much respect for the show. If there’s no chance of Doctor Who continuing, kill the show and don’t bring it back. Let the Doctor regenerate into the Valeyard.

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More press outlets are now running with the "Jodie quits" story, but are still relying on Starburst and Outpost Skaro as their sources. The BBC surely have to say something soon.

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From NME.....


New Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker and the series’ showrunner Chris Chibnall are rumoured to be quitting the show next year.
A report in the long-running science-fiction magazine Starburst says that Chibnall is dissatisfied with the way the show is being run behind-the-scenes by the BBC. Whittaker, who previously worked with Chibnall on the hit ITV drama Broadchurch, is said to be leaving the show in sympathy for her friend and colleague.

The story claims that the pair will leave after a second season together next year, which, due to their disagreements with BBC bosses, is likely to consist of only six episodes. This compares to the current season’s run of 10 episodes.
Whittaker’s publicist referred NME to Doctor Who‘s publicity team when approached for comment, with the show’s press office yet to respond.

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At least we’ll get a six episode season, I guess. Why does Jodie have to leave with Chibnall? If your theory’s right, she’s pissed at the BBC for firing him.

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I think - if all these rumours prove true - then the honest truth about the behind the scenes dramas won't come out for years, as evidenced by all the "We only planned for Chris to do one season from the start and wanted to surprise the audience with a regeneration" cover up when Eccleston left.

I think similar face-saving fabrications will occur this time too.

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One comment I keep finding again and again is that Olivia Coleman would have been a much more suitable actress for the role of the Doctor.......

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My friend created a Facebook page (and made me co-admin) called “Sue Perkins for the Doctor”. Not many people liked that page - until Jodie got hired! Then quite a few liked our page. I wonder why.

It’s amusing that two people wrote to us thinking it was an official page run by Sue Perkins. One obviously wasn’t a native English speaker, and I truly couldn’t understand what he wanted. My friend started trolling him with lines from “The Princess Bride” and the other guy didn’t get it. My friend stopped responding to him and so did I. Another one just wrote to us and I ignored her.

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No Doctor Who Series 12 in 2019



This year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special is not scheduled for Christmas Day, the first time that has changed since the series came back in 2005 with The Christmas Invasion. Instead it has been rescheduled for New Year’s Day. There have been lots of reasons given but Bleeding Cool has been given the real reason by well connected sources.

It’s so that the production team won’t have an entire year with no new Who. By dint of having an episode air on January 1st 2019. Because there’s no guarantee they’ll have a Christmas Special for 2019 either.

Instead I have been told to expect the twelfth series of the BBC’s science-fiction show to air in January 2020 at the earliest. Reasons given mostly revolve around production delays.

Rumours that showrunner Chris Chibnall was leaving and that new star of the show Jodie Whittaker was leaving in loyalty, have been dismissed by sources who put this down to one bad day. But that waters were smoothed over between everyone before it hit the headlines.

It may have also helped that UK viewing figures for the show have been up for 2018 – and so have international sales.

The revived series of Doctor Who has been on hiatus before, 2009 having a series of specials to fill the gap. 2016 also went past without new Who. And the scheduling between series has often been sporadic. If rumours are true, it will only be a gap of 13 months between series.

I am told to expect a BBC announcement to this effect very soon. Oh and not to expect Doctor Who to bow out this series without the return of some old favourites – despite how Chibnall and the BBC may have played cute with the press…