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Doctor Omega

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I sometimes wish it were possible to use c.g.i. to deposit Lugosi into the Spanish version and maybe vice versa with the other actor.

Just to see how the version widely considered the best directed (Spanish) would look if it had the actor widely considered the best of the two Dracula's in it!


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(Sorry if this constitutes spam.)

The Lugosi version is a classic for many reasons. The acting is incredible, particularly from Lugosi, Edward Van Sloan, Dwight Frye, and David Manners. It has a creepy atmosphere and marvelous set pieces. However, the Spanish version is a stronger technical film. George Melford saw what Tod Browning had done during day shooting, and set out to make the shots better when they shot at night. I love Browning's work, but Melford really made a superior film, in all aspects but acting. The acting is really subpar in his version.