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With the first episode....


What are your thoughts on this episode....

Nathan Spring is cajoled into applying for the new post of commanding the International Space Police. On his first trip out into space he meets David Theroux, who is suspicious about a spate of spacesuit failures.

On to the next episode....


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Yes, brilliant series, have DVDs and watch it at least once a year.
I if live long enough to get to the Moon as a tourist I fully expect to look something like this series.
BBC got NASA advice with some of the designs.
Favourite episodes;
In Warm Blood
Intelligent listening for Beginners
Little Green Men And Other Martians.


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Great first episode. What I really like is that it is very plausible in imagining the near future. If I ever live long enough to go to the moon as a tourist I'd fully expect a Star Cops scenario. Modern technology has not made the show look dated at all. The characters were well thought out and acted. There was some criticism of Erik Ray Evans as Theroux but I thought him fine. David Calder was excellent too.
In this first episode the opening scene with the double suffocation, one in water one in space was clever. Brian Lincoln was the only unsatisfactory character in this, and he got promoted at the end, despite being an idiot. Okay that's a bit unfair, he did sort of solve the drowning, but only after being ordered to get off his backside by Spring.
Interestingly after this was made relations thawed between U.S. and Russia making the cold war rivalry of the plot dodgy, but thanks to Putin the cycle of mistrust is on again so the story here is very possible by 2027.
Killing people for the financial gains of a space suit maintenance contract is low key but chilling. Nathan did work out what was going on rather quickly,but I certainly didn't and didn't suspect the controller of being involved. Thinking about it had to be him, the assailants couldn't arrive without being noticed.
I didn't much like Nathan's fiancee, just not my type I suppose.
The FX was good at least nothing to complain about. The one scene that was dodgy was in the restaurant when a oldy worldy tv is brought to Nathan's table. This I believe was not the original intention, I read somewhere that the script called for the restaurant alcove where Nathan and Lee were originally going to be sat would turn into viewing screens, this was either too expensive to shoot or had other technical difficulties.
All in all a good start to the series.
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Truthfully, I really, really like this series, but have some problems with it.

If I had to choose between this and Moonbase 3, I would have to say that I would select the latter as the better show.

I think the one drawback for me is largely the dialogue and the pitch of a lot of the performances. Everybody seems to be sniping at each other a lot of the time with hard-boiled soundbites and dialogue that seems a little to self aware of how smart it is, as if Chris Boucher is afraid to have a gentle scene between his characters. That kind of worked on Blake's 7, where nobody got on anyway, but these people are supposed to be working together.

David Calder as Nathan Spring is excellent, of course, but the actors around him, less so. I do concur with the usual highlighting of Erik Ray Evans as the actor who leans on his lines the most. He seems to spend most of the time talking AT people rather than to them - and at an unnecessarily high volume.

Colin Devis is a good character though and is well played. Pal Kenzie is good too. I just feel that the cast, with the exception of David Calder, needed to calm down a bit and play their roles with the naturalism that he did.

I think that Boucher's dialogue does not help their cause. Most everybody speaks in the same world weary way, talking in sage soundbites that - while intelligent - make these people less human beings and more actors speaking intelligent dialogue. I think it detracts from them as believable characters.

The theme tune/song, I feel, could have been dumped in favour of a more Blake/Moonbase 3 style of opening music.

I also think that they should have never bothered trying to keep doing scenes of weightlessness and should have fallen back on the old artificial gravity thing, and concentrated on other aspects of the show. The nadir of this business is the old hair gelled up on their heads scene.

When I first saw the show, I felt that box was a more polite rip off of Orac. Chris Boucher has said that when it spoke it should have been audio-wise as if David Calder talking to himself, volume and tone wise, so that you were sometimes unsure which one was speaking, instead of the obvious "voice in a box" audio that we get, where we can completely tell them apart.

All those negatives of mine out of the way, despite all of that I - perhaps surprisingly - really genuinely like the show and often put it on the dvd player and felt it had great potential. I just feel it needed more sympathetic production, more of a mix of character types to balance out the weight of cynical, smart talking characters and the majority of the actors needed to consider using more subtlety in their performances.

In terms of the premise of STAR COPS, the opening episode sets the show up nicely.

Ultimately the early strangulation of the show by those sci-fi hating suits is extremely sad. The potential was there for a really solid show.
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There was a hint of Hill Street Blues in the way the characters, shout, talk over each others lines etc. I quite like the fact that they never seemed to like each other much. I agree some of the dialogue is too smart arse.
Which is better this or Moonbase 3 ? Very very tricky question. Star cops looks like a better representation of 2027, they really seemed spot on in some of the futuristic elements, Moonbase 3 the better written and scientifically interesting show.
By episode 2 the artificial gravity setting of Star Cops base would kick in, so there's not too much more floating about except in certain work areas particularly in ep.4, so that's good . Box I believe had some technical problems and was used less on later episodes, in episode 9 it sounded like it had laryngitis!
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I found the characters in MOONBASE 3 more likeable and realistically played, generally - and Donald Houston as - spookily - David Caulder was an excellent lead. That opening when he turns up, cheerfully charming them throughout the enquiry, before ripping them to shreds is awesome - and I would love to have seen something as well done as that in STAR COPS.
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Wow fantastic news. I can hardly wait. Been looking up on the cast, Sayo Inaba is still around, so sorry she's not in it, Erik Ray Evans sadly died in 1999. Never realised that Trevor Cooper and David Calder are not that old, they were in their early forties when they did the show. So really looking forward to it.
Next up for Big Finish ? Ace of Wands - missing episodes reconstructed, got to be!
A little bit sorry they are going to alter the theme tune. Okay, it's not the best, but with the Dr Who stuff Big Finish have always maintained the correct theme for whatever Doctor is featured, so I'd like the Justin Heywood theme, possibly jazzed up, maybe a instrumental version.
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Yes, I was a little ambiguous about the changing of the theme tune. It was often derided as a cheesy aspect of the show and Chris Boucher thought it inappropriate. But it is such a recognisable part of the mix now that anything else will seem a little odd and... inappropriate.

I suspect that Boucher is also behind the removal of Anna Shoun. He was against the character being in the show in the first place. Stupidly i.m.o. Sometimes writer's are not the best judges of their own creations.

And I wonder if DEATH ON THE MOON might finally get an adaption?
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This Friday Feb16th ;
S01E01 An Instinct For Murder

Set in the year 2030 , Nathan Spring, an experienced Earth based cop , finds himself manoeuvred into accepting a case " out there" on The Moon, when space suit failure levels increase.

David Calder.....Nathan Spring / box
Erick Ray Evans....David Theroux
Moray Watson......Commander
Keith Varnier.....Controller
Gennie Nevinson.....Lee Jones
Linda Newton......Pal Kenzy
Andy Secombe......Brian Lincoln
Frederik de Groot.....Hans Diter
Luke Hanson.......Lars Hendvorrsen
Katja Kersten.....Marie Mueller

Directed by Christopher Baker
Written by Chris Boucher
transmitted 6th July 1987.
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Good timing to do this with Big Finish releasing audiobooks later in the year. They are usually good I've enjoyed the Sapphire and Steel, The Omega Factor and The Prisoner ones.


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This second show The Sages will be doing is Mad Pac's idea, and he would like to maintain The Sages tradition of starting on Friday, so please leave reviews until then, however if convenient you could watch it whenever is cool for you.


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It seems we have this little misunderstanding now. I asked Michael to replace me in the Blake's 7 board, so I could dedicate more time to the Sages of the Single Season as we were doing back with Twin Peaks. If I gave the impression that I wasn't interested in continuing the work we were doing with Twin Peaks, then I apologize for the misunderstanding and the trouble I caused.

I just want to make clear that I intend to continue with the "30 episodes or less" project.


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And this is who we always start a new show with the Sages of the Single Season.

Greetings, "Star Cops" board. We are THE SAGES OF THE SINGLE SEASON, a small group of folks that like to watch old, preferably cancelled, one-season shows from the beginning and working all the way through to the end. We watch one show a week on Friday and then discuss over the next few days. Anyone here who is interested, we would love to have more people commenting on the episodes with us.

We will start episode 1 on Friday, February 16th, 2018. We have never failed to finish a show. The previous shows we have watched are:

The Time Tunnel (1966)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974)
Night Gallery (1969) (Season 1)
Voyagers! (1982)
The Lone Gunmen (2001)
Wonderfalls (2004)
Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982)
Firefly (2002)
Odyssey 5 (2002)
Pushing Daisies (2007)
Journeyman (2007)
God, the Devil and Bob (2000)
Day Break (2006)
Dark Skies (1996)
Brimstone (1998)
The Middleman (2008)
Caprica (2009)
Invasion: Earth (1998)
Planet of the Apes (1974)
The Prisoner (1967)
The Prisoner (2009)
Total Recall 2070 (1999)
Earth 2 (1994)
UFO (1970)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974)
Twin Peaks (1990)

Come and join us and let's have some fun. Word of caution though, we can be pretty harsh in some of our criticism of these shows and have ruffled feathers of some pre-existing board members in the past. We mean no harm just calling it the way we see it, we also tend to disagree with each other on whether it's a good episode or not. And we may also introduce a great deal of off-topic conversation, being a group based on the free exchange of ideas, but rest assured that we'll also provide several small reviews for every single episode, something that was only done a few years ago, when a previous version of our group visited this board.

Anyway, looking forward to episode 1 to see what we have gotten ourselves into this time. See you on the 16th.


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Wow, looking at the list of shows you've done I wish I'd discovered this group a few years ago. There are a lot of shows I'd really have enjoyed watching as part of a group, some extremely good shows which I've seen bits and pieces of and some guilty pleasures that perhaps aren't the same quality, but that I remember enjoying when they first screened (or the repeat that I may have seen them on for the first time).


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Wow, looking at the list of shows you've done I wish I'd discovered this group a few years ago. There are a lot of shows I'd really have enjoyed watching as part of a group, some extremely good shows which I've seen bits and pieces of and some guilty pleasures that perhaps aren't the same quality, but that I remember enjoying when they first screened (or the repeat that I may have seen them on for the first time).
Well, I'm glad you've heard of us already. Just for full disclosure, the idea of picking short-lived series and trying to find out why they were cancelled and how they could've evolved is not new. The first iteration of The Group started around 2009 with the shows listed above... Along the way, new people came such as me, then brimfin and Michael. The three of us took part in this name selection. We stayed in IMDB until the very end. After that we moved to TMDB for a short period of time, then we came here.

The name "Sages of the Single Season" was made official on November 20th, 2016. Just to give you an idea of context, these are the final possibilities we had to choose from:
  • Sages of the Single Season
  • The Lone Season Rangers
  • Cathode Ray Nomads
  • Brotherhood of Fleeting Series
  • Sole Season Surveyors
  • The One and Done Round Table
  • Cathode Ray Dilettantes
  • Society of the Short-Lived Series
  • Single Season Society
  • The One and Only
  • Circle of Light
  • The Fellowship of the Fleeting Series
Personally, I didn't care for the word "sages" very much because I wouldn't like to call myself a sage implying I'm wise and grizzled just because I throw in my two cents about a show. My suggestion had been Single Season Society and Cathode Ray Nomads, but now I love the name because it reminds me of happier times. Anyway, I'm surprised the rest of this site likes the name SAGES as well, so you have all my support to use it as well. Thus the "IMDF SAGES" were also born.

Anyway, I think it's still a good idea for us to have a "specialized task force" in search of one-and-done TV gems that were either too good to be appreciated by larger audiences, or just too godawful to begin with. I've learned about several new short-lived shows this way, shows I wouldn't have known about otherwise.