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Well, not sure about that. Superman II was pretty awesome as well. Particularly the Richard Donner version.

Christopher Reeves is my personal favourite Superman.


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Definitely the best so far. It would be interesting to be able to compare with the planned Donner version (with scenes that he wasn't able to film before being replaced) was like. The potential was there for it to be even better than the first, but we'll never know.

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Donner’s “Superman” Gets Extended On Blu-ray


Warner Brothers Archive Collection has announced plans to release the full 188-minute extended version of Richard Donner’s iconic 1978 “Superman” film.

First premiering on ABC TV in 1982 and then on KCOP in 1994, the new cut boasts footage not seen in either the 143-minute theatrical release or the 151-minute official director’s cut of the film.

Originally dubbed the ‘Salkind International Extended Cut’ and later the ‘KCOP Version’, the extended version contains footage and music not used in the theatrical version and more material than the 2000 restoration, including extensions of the destruction of Krypton, Smallville, Fortress of Solitude, Daily Planet and earthquake scenes.

There’s no set release date yet, but it’s expected to arrive on Blu-ray by the end of the year and will include Donner’s final cut of the movie as well.

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Kevin Feige Believes The Solution To Warner Bros.' DCEU Woes Lies With Richard Donner's SUPERMAN

With Walter Hamada now in charge of the DC Extended Universe, things are finally looking up for Warner Bros. but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has now offered some advice for what they need to do...