Review Takhté Siah (The Blackboard / La pizarra) (Iran)

Discussion in 'Cinema: International' started by Anouk, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Why are there so many men and only one woman?

    And also, I notice that it was far more successful in Europe than in the USA. But I would like to know - if anybody knows - if it was profitable all in all. It doesn't look like an expensive film, but I don't know for sure. Sometimes films are more expensive than they look. The film had quite a decent run in Europe. When I saw it, it was at my small city in Northern Spain, and the cinema was packed.

    The film begins with the old man who can't pee. Even when helped and supported by two other men. I understand that he had a serious illness, but at the moment of me seeing it, it was so unexpected, it was hilarious.

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