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The Liberator heads to the artificial planet Terminal when Avon receives instructions from Blake. Avon goes to the surface and finds Blake is connected to a life support capsule. But Avon learns it is a trap set by Servalan, who lured the crew to Terminal, so she can take control of The Liberator. But the Liberator faces destruction, as the ship is seriously damaged by particle fluids in space.

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A crew of heroes stranded on an artifical planet, on a mission to rescue a missing comrade, stand and watch as their ship explodes above them, it having been commandeered by the villains.

No, this is not THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, it's Terminal, although the above similarities did make me wonder if Harve Bennett squeezed in a few Blake episodes while he was watching all 79 Trek episodes for himself.

A satisfying finale to the whole show, but again, no one gave a crap about Jenna. I remember the announcement, seeing the episode upon broadcast, and the idea that they would in fact continue, having seen the Liberator just blown up, was a definite head-scratcher. Where could they go from here? I mean, Blake was dead for a start. No ship!

I like the way that they threw in that shot of Servalan throwing herself into the teleport bay at the end. Terry Nation always leaving a get out option having learned from his mistake of killing off the Daleks in their first story.

The moment where Avon tells Vila to get the Liberator out of here is one moment where he is clearly a hero. No selfish alternative explanation could be offered for this act of self-sacrifice.

Once again, this was a fittingly downbeat finale and a Planet of the Apes crossover to boot! Man was going to evolve into Apes! :emoji_alien:

But I am glad that they got a fourth series out of this. Once again, a demonstration of how such mad creativity and risk-taking would never happen again. A fourth series was decided during broadcast and a telephone call was made, telling them to announce it. Wonderful. Now there would have to be endless meetings and careful preparation just to decide to make something crap like CLASS.

It must have been daunting to Chris Boucher etc. to have to find a way out of this corner they had painted themselves into, but, looking at the fourth series, I would - with some reservations - say that they did pretty well and it was worth it.
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Like everyone else I assumed that this was really the end of Blake.
Yes, I think that, certainly as far as Terry Nation was concerned, Blake was dead and the series was wrapped up.

And, as you say, why would Servalan lie?

She says: "Our scientists spent months preparing it". Months.

At any time, during those months, Blake - wherever he was - could have made his presence known elsewhere. That's a lot of work down the drain if he had popped up just before she started "sending you the signal"

And if his clone had decided to pop up then too, things could have gotten really confusing for poor Avon! :emoji_alien:

So yes, story-wise, at this point, this death for Blake was the real deal.

Avon's reaction to this death is moving. Clearly he genuinely cared for his friend and ended up showing it at this point, despite himself.
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