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Your thoughts on this movie....

After Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider, he gains newfound, spider-like powers and ventures out to solve the mystery of his parent's mysterious death.

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A film worthy of a reboot (the character is so damn good) but did we really need another origin story? I mean, they tried to spice it up a little but do we care? We're here to see Spider-Man, not find out how he became Spider-Man.

Homecoming has wisely chosen to just... get in with it.


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I agree with @Hux . Yeah, it was updated, done differently, but with the really established heroes, stop with the origin stories. I don't mind as much with the lesser known characters, like Doctor Strange or the various Netflix Marvel shows, because most of the audience doesn't know who they are, and the stories have been done very well. And while most people probably know Captain America's backstory, I liked his first film because it didn't drag his origin out too terribly much and was, for the most part, a good war film with fantastical elements.

And as for HOMECOMING, indeed, just get him out there and beating up bad guys and zinging them with witty one-liners.


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As a huge fan of Amazing Fantasy 15, I don't mind seeing the origin story adapted again and again. I can understand why some people would have a problem with that, but it honestly was never a problem for me. I enjoyed this movie a lot. It was clever. And it was a nice alternative take on Spidey's origin.

My main problem with it was the misleading promotional materials that made the film out to be more faithful to the comics than the Raimi films. But, as it turned out, the only thing it did mine more accurately than those films was the web shooters. And while a prefer the mechanical web shooters over the organic ones, it's not worth seeing a different adaptation just for that one detail.

I also think that this film is only better than Spider-Man 3. I still think the first two Raimi films are much better. With the Raimi films, it almost feels like the comics come to life, with cheesy dialogue and jokes, as well as the heart of the character.

That said, I do really enjoy this film much more than many others do, even though it was an obvious cash-grab just so that Sony didn't lose the rights to the character. The sequel though? Don't get me started on that. That's a completely different story.

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It injects some freshness into the franchise (although it was hardly moribund), especially in casting Garfield. He has a physical sleekness and general likeability and Emma Stone provides her trademark sass. My highlight was Ifans’ conflicted villain, not a bad guy in the conventional sense- more a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Pity about the fairly perfunctory plot though.

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My favourite Spidey-villain.

I was really disappointed at his on-screen realisation.

The white lab coat and the purple trousers ARE the character, imo! :emoji_grin:

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'The Amazing Spider-Man' director Marc Webb talks about the Green Goblin, whether he'll return for the sequel, deleted scenes, humour, the absence of J. Jonah Jameson and The Daily Bugle in the movie and much more.