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The plot is unknown at this time.

Recent theories are that it will be more of a contemporary team-up film such as the “Captain America” sequels with several other key heroes lending their support.

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Over 60 Directors Have Met For “Black Widow”


Marvel Studios is getting serious about its “Black Widow” solo film it would seem. The studio recently put the project in development and brought screenwriter Jac Schaeffer onboard to pen the script.

Now comes word from The Playlist that the studio has met with no less than 60 directors for the gig, far more than the three revealed so far – Deniz Gamze Erguven (“Mustang”), Chloe Zhao (“The Rider”) and Amma Asante (“A United Kingdom”).

Though there’s been talk of a prequel looking at how Natasha Romanoff became a Russian spy and then eventually defected to the U.S., more recent theories is that it will be more of a contemporary team-up film such as the “Captain America” sequels with several other key heroes lending their support.

Marvel hasn’t yet set a date for the film, though it’s very likely to be a Phase 4 title at this point which would see it out in 2020 or 2021.

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Cate Shortland Up For Directing “Black Widow”?


Acclaimed Australian film director Cate Shortland has reportedly made the shortlist to direct Marvel and Disney’s standalone “Black Widow” movie starring Scarlett Johansson reprising her role of Natasha Romanov.

Deadline broke the news about Shortland who first broke out with the highly regarded 2004 film “Somersault” which helped launch Sam Worthington’s career, 2012’s historical drama “Lore,” and last year’s psychological thriller “Berlin Syndrome” starring Teresa Palmer.

Jac Schaeffer (“The Hustle”) is currently penning the script for the film which finally gives Johansson her own film after playing a supporting character in numerous other Marvel films including most recently “Avengers: Infinity War”.

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Scarlett Scores $15M Pay For “Black Widow”


After six appearances on screen, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character is finally getting her own film at Marvel Studios and will be getting a bigger paycheck to match.

The actress has reportedly scored a $15 million payday for the upcoming standalone film, the same amount Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth earned for the third outings in their “Captain America” and “Thor” franchises.

The same report also indicates Brie Larson scored $5 million former role in “Captain Marvel,” and her contract stipulates she has to do seven Marvel Studios films.

A Marvel spokesperson said in a statement responding to the news: “Marvel Studios disputes the accuracy of these numbers, and as a matter of policy, we never publicly disclose salaries or deal terms.” Johansson will next be seen reprising the role in next year’s fourth “Avengers” film.

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Helmer On Turning Down Marvel’s “Black Widow”


Argentinian filmmaker Lucrecia Martel, who has scored rave reviews for her eccentric drama “Zama” released earlier this year, has spoken about something not many people have previously talked about – turning down the chance to direct a Marvel Studios film.

The Daily Pioneer reports that Martel spoke at the Mumbai Film Festival back in October and detailed a meeting she had with Marvel, where they discussed the possibility of her directing the upcoming “Black Widow” film starring Scarlett Johansson. Those comments have only now come to light and she makes some very valid points about the casual sexism that still goes on in Hollywood:

“What they told me in the meeting was ‘We need a female director because we need someone who is mostly concerned with the development of Scarlett Johansson’s character. They also told me ‘Don’t worry about the action scenes, we will take care of that.’ I was thinking,’‘Well I would love to meet Scarlett Johansson but also I would love to make the action sequences.’ Companies are interested in female filmmakers but they still think action scenes are for male directors.”

Another reason she may have lost the gig is one of the most basic – honesty. Corporate execs rarely respond well to un-massaged straight criticism and she explained to Marvel her concerns with their films so far:

“The first thing I asked them was maybe if they could change the special effects because there’s so many laser lights…I find them horrible. Also the soundtrack of Marvel films is quite horrendous. Maybe we disagree on this but it’s really hard to watch a Marvel film. It’s painful to the ears to watch Marvel films.”

Martel admitted she also signed an NDA of some kind stating she was not allowed to talk about the meeting with Marvel, so ended her comments with the joke: “But just in case any of this is going to be on YouTube, I would love to make Black Widow.”

Cate Shortland ultimately came onboard to direct the film which is rumored to be targeting a 2020 release.

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Ned Benson To Re-Write “Black Widow”


Marvel Studios has reportedly hired Ned Benson (“The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby”) to rewrite the script for the “Black Widow” movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland is directing the action movie from a script which Jac Schaeffer (“The Hustle”) penned the previous draft of.

The “Black Widow” spinoff is reportedly set before the events of the first “Avengers” movie and is slated to be Marvel’s second female-driven film following “Captain Marvel” which is tracking to open to more than $100 million next month.

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In terms of MCU films “Black Widow” and “The Eternals” are seemingly set for next year, “Shang-Chi” and “Doctor Strange 2” for 2021, and “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3” for 2022 with further “Black Panther,” “Spider-Man” and “Captain Marvel” sequels likely.

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O-T Fagbenle Scores Key “Black Widow” Role

O-T Fagbenle Scores Key “Black Widow” Role

O-T Fagbenle (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) has reportedly scored a key role in the upcoming “Black Widow” film for Marvel Studios.

The story will center on Natasha Romanoff (Johansson), a spy and assassin who grew up being trained by the KGB before breaking from its grasp and becoming an agent of SHIELD and Avenger.

He joins a cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz. Specifics of his role are under wraps.

Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland is directing from a script by Jac Schaeffer. Filming begins in June in London.


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Despite being an integral part of the MCU since the early days, I've always felt she's never quite been used to her full potential.

Considering they already had two fantastic female lead characters in Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, not to mention several equally impressive secondary female characters, I can't understand why they tried so hard to push a bland, unlikable character like Captain Marvel... :emoji_confused: