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    Otolmi tells Heumac the stone cage is a labyrinth under the pyramid of the sun built by the ancients, a series of challenges to test the courage and intelligence of any outsider wanting to become leader.
    Ot " if you survive it Heumac you will be our leader"
    Heumac enters the labyrinth with Tozo who insisted on going.
    Xipec" Nasca you were dead!"
    Nasca " Teshcata has more work for me. He punished me for my failure, I found myself in perpetual torment, Teshcata tore my soul out with his jaguar claws, I am less than a man now , but also so much more"
    Keelag has a more rational view.
    K." I detected a spark in his heart, my potions and herbs did the rest"
    N." Xipec have the people turned against Teshcata?"
    Xp " yes, Heumac and Chimalma hold sway"
    N." I hope Heumac survives his ordeal, so I can kill him. I will flay the skin off him alive, and wear it myself as a second skin"
    K " you care little enough for your own skin"
    Keelag slaps a paste like mixture on Nasca's wound in his side, Nasca howls in pain.
    Xp " do not paw him like an animal hag!"
    N " Xipec, when you can heal me as she has done, then you may complain, till then let her heal me in her way, Keelag can you make a man go mad?"
    K " of course"
    N " then I want you to prepare a potion, to turn an entire city mad"
    Heumac and Tozo face a series of challenges (like Raiders of the lost ark!)
    They come to a chamber, the only exit is a narrow passage.
    Heumac" wait Tozo, look bone fragments on the floor. Otolmi told me this labyrinth is supposed to represent the journey a soul would take through the underworld. You know the tales Tozo"
    T " crashing rocks?"
    H " exactly, this test may represent the rocks, the bone fragments, previous victims who took this test"
    Heumac looks at hieroglyphs on the floor.
    H." It says speed is essential. I'll go first Tozo, if I fail you will have to carry on the test alone"
    T " if you fail I fear I won't be far behind you in the next life"
    Heumac runs quickly down the narrow passage, the two walls move, slam together crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped.
    T " Lord, are you alright?"
    Heumac speaks from the darkness at the end of the passage.
    H " yes Tozo, I felt a stone move beneath my feet, that must have operated the trap. Be careful. Try and jump"
    T " I'll try Lord"
    Tozo is carrying the torch, he throws it to Heumac down the passage, about six feet away, and then takes a running jump. He lands okay, just out of danger. They are now in another chamber. Two skeletons greet them lying on the floor.
    H " the chamber of the dead"
    Suddenly the skeletons begin to move, rise up.
    T " my Lord they're alive"
    H " Tozo I wish your eyesight was as keen as your imagination. Look,reeds hold them up, attached to the ceiling "
    T " puppets!"
    H " yes, as the heat from our torches dries the reeds, they contract, and lift up the skeletons"
    T " they seemed so real"
    H " the idea is we run scared back to the chamber we were previously in and into the previous perils"
    Heumac with his knife cuts down the skeletons.
    H " rest my friends"
    A door opens and into another chamber they go.
    A casket is in the centre of the chamber.
    T " what is it?"
    H " I don't know Tozo, stand back"
    Heumac slowly, carefully opens the lid, inside an orchid, black , beautiful.
    Heumac suddenly dives to the ground, huge axes swing from the ceiling.
    H " that was close Tozo"
    They both look at the orchid.
    T "it's magnificent Lord, but what are we supposed to do with it?"
    Mataque and Leemu, the councillor and Otolmi's aide meet. Leemu is now restored in his purple robes of office and gold flower motif face mask.
    M." How long can Prince Heumac and Tozo survive in the cage?"
    L." If they are not out by noon tomorrow when their torches burn out, they are unlikely to return"
    M " I will wait for them at the exit and report back when they emerge to safety."
    Meanwhile Tozo is anxious, they have been trapped in this chamber for some time, the torches are almost out.
    T " there is no way out Lord. The ancient ones never wanted an outsider to be their emperor, we are just going to be left to die. You may as well return the orchid"
    H " that's it Tozo, the test is not taking the orchid, but returning it"
    Heumac replaces the orchid in the casket. A trapdoor opens, the two climb down just as the torches go out.
    Tozo cries out and falls.
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